Gay Military Dream – Becoming Sgt. Sex Slave

The secret is out! Private Lorde is a gay bottom boy willing to be Sgt. sex slave

The new chapter of Gay Military Dream for private Max Lorde just started. He was passed to the new Sgt. Max Konnor to serve his sexual desires. Will Max Lorde enjoy Max Konnor’s cock as much as he did with Dalton Riley? For Max Lorde, any Sgt. is simply Sgt. Dick now.

Do you remember the sexual adventures of a recruit Max Lorde? It started very soon after he joined the military. A young closeted country gay boy unexpectedly started living his gay military dream. Dream of being bitch for a strong military macho man. He was thrilled with his first sexual experience involving Stg. Dalton Riley. You can read all about that HERE.

Military life is unpredictable, and private Max Lorde has been transferred to another platoon. Just before he left, Sgt. Riley gave him the sealed envelope and ordered it to be delivered to his new commanding officer, Sgt. Max Konnor.

Private Lorde was sad to part with his Sgt. Riley. He loved feeling his dick inside, rubbing all right points. Who knows what the future is bringing to our Private? Will his gay military dream continue?

Gay Military Dream – Mk 2

Private Lorde arrived at his new platoon and reported to Sgt. Max Konnor handed over the sealed envelope sent by Sgt. Riley. Sgt. Max Konnor took the envelope and told Private Lorde to settle in one of the tents. The night that followed was eventless, and Private Max Lorde was dreaming about his fun with Sgt. Riley.

Sgt. Max Konnor opened the sealed envelope. He has not heard from Sgt. Riley for some time now. What is the message in the envelope about? He read the news and started smiling.

Drills in the desert

Sgt. Max Konnor makes recruit Max Lorde run drills in the desert heat in one-on-one exercise. He stopped to rest his recruit. With a big smile, he offers Private Lorde a reward by sucking his fat cock. That was after he made Private Lorde go on his knees and pull his huge dark cock. “You know what to do,” he said. Private Lorde realised what the message was in the envelope. His gay military dream continues, and he is happy to serve his new Sgt. and even become his sex slave.

They move from out in the open to an empty hangar where Max can keep showing his expert cock sucking abilities to his Sgt. When Sgt. Konnor wants more, he buries his tongue in Max Lorde’s crack and doesn’t miss an inch. To earn his stripes, the young stud must bend over and take Sgt. Konnor’s massive cock raw.

Private Lorde does his best to accommodate every inch of his hung Sergeant’s cock. As Pvt. Lorde’s walls get stretched, Sgt. Konnor drills bareback, deeper and deeper into his Private’s ass. When the Private ends up on his back taking thick dick, Sgt. Konnor doesn’t stop until he paints the stud’s balls with his high-ranking load.

Max Lorde goes over the edge when the Sergeant slides back in and erupts with a creamy stream of cum. The thought of Sgt. Konnor’s semen deep inside him made him satisfied. He knows that his new master just marked him with his sperm. Now that the Sergeant is satisfied, the Private is sent on his way to continue his work.

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