Dirty Gay Fantasies – Bed & Breakfast – Cum Inn

Gay Owned and Operated – “Cum Inn” – Bed & Breakfast for Queers Only – Do these exist? Continue reading and find out!

Have you ever stayed in a “gay owned and operated” hotel, inn or guesthouse? How much truth is in those dirty gay fantasies about these unique hotels that only cater to the gay population? Some of the most famous ones are in Asia, but you can find these gay-owned and operated facilities worldwide.

Three types of tourists or casual guests come to gay owned and operated (and for gay only) hotels

The first one is made for gay couples that would not feel comfortable in any other type of hotel. These are very often obsessed with their safety. They don’t mix with other guests and rarely use available facilities (saunas, massage rooms, escort/guide services…). I can only guess that they have sex in their rooms, but I cannot be sure.

The second group comprises gay couples who are permanently or temporarily (just for a holiday) in an “open relationship”. They usually hire two rooms. These guests happily mix with other guests and use all available facilities. In that process, they meet other guys for sex only. These often turn into group sex in their rooms or sometimes in some of the facilities (sauna, for example).

Finally, the third major group of gay travellers is made of single guys who book a room in the “gay owned and operated” hotels because of the facilities and services that these usually have. This group will be straightforward, and their primary (if not the only) reason for visiting is to have sex. Guests from this group will start flirting immediately after arriving – from the boy at the doors to the reception to the boy taking their luggage to the room to other staff. Some will ask receptionists if there are escorts or guides they can recommend. Most of them will stick to the same companion, but some might want to have more.

The story

This time, I will not tell you what this video’s narrative is. I don’t want to make watching it boring for you. My above bragging about “gay owned and operated” hotels and inns comes from my personal experience as an ex-owner of one of these. However, my hotel was in Asia. The hotel in the video is in Southern California. The video is packed with action and stars, eight of the sexiest men in the gay porn industry. Almost everything is covered – one on one, threesome, group sex… You name it; this video got it.

Some hot graphics

Bed and Breakfast – The Come Inn

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