Why the title is “Who needs Labels?”

Pretty good gay porn production with a strange name – “Who needs Labels?”

I know it is strange to start any review with this question. Particularly if you are reviewing gay porn production. I watched it carefully and, frankly, could not figure it out. Otherwise, I would say it is reasonably good stuff for watching. Especially if you like big sporty tops with chiseled bodies and big cocks.

It is all happening in a bar. That is my guess only though. What would you suggest? Would it be better to set it in a gay bar or not? Actually, it would be more interesting if it is not in a gay bar. Anyway, it is certainly happening in that bar.

Kenzo Alvarez has a stunning body. Topped with a great tan. You could not ask for more. Enzo Muller is a cute bareman. Well, these days it is called barista. I think they are a very good match and played their roles very well. I find it very important that roles are in line with my expectations. However, I do understand that different people have different expectations.

The Story-line:

It’s a hot day. Kenzo Alvarez is just looking for a cool pick-me-up when he walks into Enzo Muller’s cafe. His stunning good looks and broad bronzed shirtless body leave Enzo speechless. Despite his incredible physique, and raw masculinity Enzo insists he put on a shirt. Kenzo admits he’s new to the area. The starstruck barista offers to show him around town. He generously invites the God-like stud over on the way to a party after work.

When he arrives, Enzo takes a moment to change. Kenzo is open-minded and hasn’t fucked a guy in a while. The mutual attraction is there and their lips lock, in a moment of pure magnetism. Enzo explores the hard body of the adonis and strips off his shorts to show off his buttless panties. He indulges in Kenzo’s hole, rimming him before getting his own ass pounded from behind over the pool table. Enzo gets glanded, spraying a gigantic cum shot covering his chest before Kenzo adds his own.

How would I rate this production? Frankly, I think it is hitting a fair bit higher than the average for gay adult videos. I would not hesitate to give it at least eight out of ten stars.

Have you seen this video? Let me know what do you think about it in the comments box.

Here is the link to it:

Who Needs Labels

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