Raging Stallion Cade Maddox screws Eric Ray

Fake Doctor Cade Maddox fucking a Dirty Intern Eric Ray in a hot encounter

Cade Maddox and Eric Ray made my Sunday late afternoon horny and enjoyable. I usually review or preview three to four gay porn videos every week. No, I am not complaining about that—quite the opposite. However, even the most pleasurable jobs can be tedious.

This evening I had the pleasure to preview “Dirty Intern”, – starring Cade Maddox and Eric Ray. I must say that it was somehow refreshing. In short, I liked this video and would grade it well above an average for gay adult production. This video kept me aroused from the start to the end. It is well-done production of Raging Stallion Studios. Stars Cade Maddox and Eric Ray played their roles with passion. I even thought there might be some personal connection between the two studs.

The Story

Cade Maddox shows up at the doctor’s office for his appointment. He gets restless waiting and sneaks off to one of the exam rooms. Surprisingly, Cade walks in on Eric Rey, who mistakenly thinks Cade is the doctor.

Deciding to take advantage of the situation, Cade grabs a lab coat and starts to examine Eric. While examining Eric’s ass, Cade sneaks a finger in Eric’s hole. Young fell encourage Cade to quickly replace his finger with tongue.

After loosening Eric up with a deep tongue drilling, Eric turns around on the table to get the fake doctor rock-hard with his mouth. Now that ‘doctor’ Cade is throbbing, Eric bends over and feels the instant stretching from Cade’s hard and thick cock in his ass bareback. Switching on his back, Eric holds his legs up while Cade pounds his smooth ass hard.

When Eric wants control, he climbs on top of Cade and rides his cock hard and raw until Cade shoots a thick load over his ass. Eric sits back on Cade’s spent cock one last time and rides it until he shoots his load that covers Cade’s abs.

In short, you get all the gay audience favourites such as anal bareback sex, blowjobs, rimming, tattoos and uniforms. Not to mention those who love those particular doctor-patient encounters.

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