New from Cade Maddox – Good Boy Lachie Debut

return of cade maddox – gay porn debut by @urboylachie – good boy lachie

Gay porn by Cade Maddox has the most prominent coverage by Gay Links ( out of all other gay porn actors. However, I have not reviewed his videos for a little while. He made a few then, but I did not think they were worth checking. I am excited to welcome back Cade Maddox to the pages of the Gay Links. He produced, in my view, a new gay porn video, “Good boy Lachie” that is worth reviewing.

There is a special bonus to this review! Good Boy Lachie is making his debut on the professional gay porn scene with this video. Those who are regular visitors to this site know that Lachie fits perfectly into my parameters for a great gay bottom boy. I hope to review many more of his porn videos in the future. Let’s all wish him all the best and a great gay porn acting career!

good boy lachie by cademaddox – the official description

VIDEO TITLE: Good Boy Lachie
STARRING: Cade Maddox
RELEASE DATE: November 27th, 2023


Lachie loves to kiss almost as much as I do. I couldn’t wait to get my tongue on his pretty little hole. He opened up for me and felt as good as it looked! Watch me shoot my load all over his hairless ass. Lachie is a fucking good boy and damn we had some fun!

“Good boy Lachie” by CadeMaddox Studio – Review and Rating by Gay Links (

Cade Maddox is one of the most popular gay porn actors at present. I must admit one thing here – I watch and review so many of his gay porn videos because he seems to be interested in the same type of gay bottom boys as I am. Our taste is very similar. We are both tops, and therefore, Cade Maddox is not someone I would be interested in as far as sex is concerned. However, I love watching his gay bottom boys being fucked by him. Does it make sense?

On behalf of Gay Links (, I am rating this gay porn video with 8.5 stars. It is worth checking it out. If you are into young, slim and smooth gay bottom boys, then visiting is the place to find them. For more reviews of Cade Maddox porn, click HERE.

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