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Gay men watch men having sex with men, and straight men just want to see naked women, right? A study on gay, straight, and bi men’s porn preferences published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior is newly challenging this notion, as well as helping to answer the question of how men really feel about seeing condom use in their adult entertainment.

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In a new study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers asked 821 straight, bisexual, and gay men to complete an online survey about how they consume sexually explicit media (read: porn).

Scientists discovered that men who identified as gay and bisexual reported “significantly more frequent use” of internet porn compared to straight men. But all of the guys surveyed had viewed some form of porn in the past six months.

Men’s Health

As for the straight men into gay porn, Downing notes that substantial research reveals that it’s not uncommon for men who identify as heterosexual to be attracted to or even hook up with other men (a reminder that “never ever in a million years feeling an ounce of attraction for the same sex” is not a prerequisite for being, and identifying as, straight).

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More than 20 per cent of men who identified as straight admitted to watching gay porn. (Researchers also found that 55 per cent of men who identified as gay said they watched heterosexual porn.) Straight guys weren’t going for Brokeback Mountain—esque love scenes, either. They were watching the same stuff gay men watched, including fisting, bondage, sadomasochism, cock and ball torture, and sounding (sticking things up your urethra). 

Men’s Health