Why Random Fucks with Roman Todd & Cade Jaxon?

Random Fucks – unplanned sexual activities and pleasure. Roman Todd will fuck Cade Jaxon just for you. Courtesy of Hothouse Entertainment and Raging Stallion

What are the random fucks? According to some dictionaries, random fucks are made, done or happening without method or conscious decision. Can we call them opportunistic fucks? Like grabbing an unexpected opportunity to fuck a stranger you find attractive. Some call them casual fucks. I will not argue about that. How often do you experience random fucks? Are these entirely unplanned? I don’t think so. In any case, Roman Todd will fuck Cade Jaxon in Random Fucks. If you are keen to see what that looks like, please stick around.

I used to live in Darlinghurst in Sydney. That area was where most gay infrastructure was located (gay clubs, bars, saunas…). Random fucks, there was something you almost planned or expected. I think you know what I mean. There are places where you wish opportunity to fuck randomly and areas where that is not very likely.

Roman Todd - gay porn actor - nude image
Cade Jaxon - gay porn actor - nude photo. Scene from random fucks

Have you ever fucked at a car scrapyard? I have to admit being to one of these decades ago and never since. No, I did not expect any random fucks there before arriving. However, lucky fucks happen anywhere. I guess that is why they are called random. Let me know if you had a similar experience, please.

Random Fucks starring Roman Todd and Cade Jaxon – Official description

While hauling some worn tires out back, Cade Jaxon notices the raging hard-on that handyman Roman Todd has stuffed in the waistband of his shorts. Never one to hide his manhood from a curious friend, Roman lets his pal grab the meat spilling out of his jock and even goes in for a taste. After the two blue-collar men suck each other off, Cade is stripped down to nothing, but his work boots and Roman’s wet cock starts finding their way into Cade’s smooth hole.

The muscular handyman uses all of his strength to bareback the big dick bottom as Cade sprawls out and throws his beefy legs in the air. Stroking himself, Cade shoots out an extra creamy load as the hung top pulls out to cover Cade’s six-pack in his warm cum.

Maybe it is because I started this year with three great gay porn videos, but I am not particularly impressed by this one. There is nothing I could point to as being inadequate in particular. It is hard to say. I am not saying that this video is terrible. Not at all. It is not my type of gay porn, but I know many of you will like it. Remember that all my reviews are based on my taste, expectations and interests. Just for and example – I don’t find fucking while wearing boots only particularly sexy or exciting. Many people do, however. We are not all the same. In any case, I will mark this video with three and a half stars. You are invited to make your judgement based on provided photos.

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