Gay military dream – Pleasing Sgt. Dick’s dick

Recruit Max Lorde on a special mission of sexually pleasing Sgt. Dick – every gay bottom boy’s dream comes true!

Max Lorde could not even imagine that his special mission will be to sexually please Sgt. Dick. He is a recruit that just moved to the unit when the whole brigade was ordered out of the barracks and to the training fields in the bush. Soldiers completed their tasks and proceeded to set tents late afternoon. Each tent was built and occupied by two soldiers or officers. Just as everything else, building and setting tents is a part of an exercise.

Sgt. Dick finishes reading the names of his unit’s soldiers in pairs to start making tents where they sleep for several days during exercise. Max Lorde was the last one on the list. The crew had an odd number of soldiers, and there was nobody to share the tent with him. Sgt. Dick looked at Max, said, “You will be with me,” and walked away.

Max did not understand why several recruits were giggling as he followed Sgt. Dick. He thought sharing the tent with a sergeant was some privilege, and others were jealous. Max had no idea that it was more than just a little privilege. However, he started sensing what might happen after one of his fellow soldiers whispered, “See you in the morning, girl.”

From stroking cock to pleasing Sgt. Dick

Sgt. Dick did not say much while making and setting up the tent. Max was thinking about what the other soldier had told him. He liked the possibility that Sgt. Dick will use him as his “girl”. Max had a couple of girlfriends since his teenage days, but more and more, he was looking at other guys. Already in his late teens, he fantasised about being fucked by another guy. He grew up in a small town, and seeing other guys was a no go zone. That is probably one of the reasons he decided to join the army.

The night

In the middle of the night, recruit Max Lorde is stroking his cock in his bunk. He is trying to go unnoticed. The strokes are heard by Dalton Riley (Sgt. Dick). Without saying anything Dalton climbs out of his bunk. He then assist with his mouth moving up and down on Max’s cock. After deepthroating, Dalton feeds Max his throbbing cock until he gags.

Dalton wants, so Max bends over and gives Dalton total access to his hole. Max was dreaming about this as a teenage boy stroking his cock. Eager for more, Max braces on the bunk and opens up as Dalton thrusts his raw cock with powerful strokes deep into Max’s prostate.

When Max wants control, he gets on top and bounces on Dalton’s piercing rod. Switching positions, Max gets fucked missionary style and bareback as the feeling of Dalton going inside him makes his cock twitch and shoot a thick load onto his abs. Dalton adds his spunk to the mess on Max’s stomach and takes one last taste of the raw hole he just fucked.

It is hard to develop anything sensationally original when making gay porn in a military environment. However, there is no need for anything particularly original anyway .The actors played well, and this video will make anyone horny. Those of you that are into boys in uniforms fucking each other will probably stroke as well… Get tissues read, please to avoid unnecessary mess. If that is the case you should


For those that are not sure yet, here are some photos

Pleasing Sgt. Dick

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