Out Now! Gay “Doctor’s Orders” – Use Condom!

“Doctor’s Orders” featuring Kayden Gray and Mike De Marko – Review, Ratings and Links – Warning Condom in Use

Condom use is probably still the main doctor’s order regarding anal sex. Accordingly, in this latest gay porn video by MENATPLAY, a condom was used. When was the last time you watched a gay porn video with a condom being used for anal sex? I watched some classics recently, and that would be all. Maybe the question of when you used a condom for anal sex last time is even better.

Gay Porn Actors Profile – Kayden Gray and Mike De Marko

Kayden Gray

Kayden Gray is a Polish gay porn actor born in 1984. He joined the professional gay porn scene in 2013 and participated in the production of 177 gay porn videos, photos and compilations. Kayden was also a winner of several gay porn industry awards. He is top

Mike De Marko

Mike De Marko was born in December 1986. He made his debut on the professional gay porn scene in 2012. Mike participated in producing 133 gay porn videos, photos and compilations. He is versatile bottom gay. He was nominated for several gay porn industry awards.

Was “Doctor’s Orders” to use condom for anal sex or not? The Official Description

Dr Mike de Marko, M.D. believes that his position at the hospital as a senior surgeon entitles him to humiliate slightly eager young student doctors. But he met his match when Kayden Grey attended his study session.

With no patient available to assess or treat, Dr. de Marko insists that Kayden sit in as the patient. He opens the pant leg of Kayden’s suit up to his crotch. But Kayden’s naive demeanour is betrayed by a raging hardon that Mike attempts to deal with, at first professionally but then succumbs to his unprofessional desires.

After deep-throating Kayden’s huge dick, Kayden decides it’s time to retaliate and cut the senior doctor’s pants, making a hole in the right place. Cocky Doctor de Marko not only gets his precious suit trashed but also gets fucked hard by young Kayden’s thick cock. This cocky doctor deserves his comeuppance!

Review, Links and Rating for “Doctor’s Orders”

MENATPLAY released an interesting gay porn video. I was surprised when seeing a condom being used for anal penetration. However, I was not turned off by that at all. It is even possible that condoms would make some viewers hornier! I am not sure if I am one of these users. In all, experienced actors and the rest of the crew have delivered above-average gay porn video. I am rating it with 8.5 stars.

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