Austin Ponce in a new underwear gay fetish vid

Austin Ponce and Michael Lucas in a new gay fetish video by Lucas Entertainment – The Review, Links and Rating

Austin Ponce is on his way to proving a great asset for Lucas Entertainment. He is the star of the latest underwear gay fetish video. Are you into underwear fetish? More importantly – Are you into gay watersports fetish? Austin Ponce and Michael Lucas indulge in a wild sex splashing mixture of urine, sweat and sperm.

Austin Ponce is becoming one of my favourite gay porn actors. He is one of my favourite gay bottom boys. Everything connected with Austin Ponce seems to be making me horny – his face, slim and smooth body, smooth and hungry for cock, boy-hole… Is there any gay top that would not want to have Austin Ponce in his bed? I have to congratulate Michael Lucas on a great choice by picking Austin. It is a win-win situation. I am sure Michael enjoyed this encounter to the max. Austin Ponce seems to be happy to engage in this sort of fetish. The biggest winners are consumers of gay porn.

Men in Briefs – Austin Ponce and Michael Lucas in gay underwear and watersport fetish spectacle – The Official Description

Austin Ponce is a young and hot twink who has an underwear fetish. He worships Michael Lucas and his huge 10 inches of uncut Russian cock in Michael’s briefs before the pair gets raunchy with some water-sports action. After they saturate their underwear in piss, they move on to some rough anal fucking!

Review, Links and Rating

What can I say? This gay porn video is a spectacle of a gay fetish. Underwear fetish is present briefly at the start of the video. I am glad about that. A bit of rough anal sex, anyone? It is right there. Not extremely rough, but it is obvious who is the boss in bed here. Then we move to watersports gay fetish. All topped by a splash of sweat, urine and sperm. The only thing this video does not bring to you is the smell. I am forced to rate this with the full 10 (ten) stars. Congratulations!

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