New Flip Fuck by Taylor Reign and Tony Genius

Taylor Reign and Tony Genius in a flip-fuck extravaganza “Give and Take” by Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion

Taylor Reign and Tony Genius flip-fuck in a passionate gay sex and sweat video extravaganza in front of cameras and just for your eyes. Every versatile gay guy out there will love watching this. Could this be one of those gay porn videos you can play after your Grindr hook-up? Falcon Studios & Raging Stallion Production. Let’s watch it and see.

Taylor Reign Porn Profile

Taylor Reign was born in October 1990. He made his first steps on the professional gay porn scene in 2011. Taylor Reign made 169 appearances in various gay porn productions. He also performs under the names Alex Vaara and Alex Varra. Taylor is 5’9″ (175 cm) tall and weighs 134 lbs. (61 kg).

Tony Genius Porn Profile

Tony Genius is an American gay porn actor who joined the professional gay porn scene in 2021 and participated in the production of 35 gay porn videos. He is 5’10” (178 cm) tall and weighs 176 lbs (80 kg). Tony Genius is a versatile top.

Taylor Reign and Tony Genius – The Official Description

It’s a beautiful, sunny day on the Left Coast. Tony Genius is soaked from swimming laps in the pool, Taylor Reign is dripping in sweat from pumping iron, and now both glistening men are aiming to get even wetter as they come together, quite literally, to worship each other’s naked muscles. After swallowing Taylor’s long cock, Tony drops to all fours, pulls his underwear down just enough to expose his hole, and dawns a satisfied smile as his partner rims and barebacks his ass.

Versatile muscle stud Taylor turns the early morning hookup into a flip-fuck as he goes down on Tony before riding his furry dick. Taylor doesn’t give Tony’s hole much of a break and is soon fucking it once more until each of the hot jocks unloads their sweet cream onto Tony’s statuesque body.

Review, Links and Rating for “Give and Take”

Flip-fuck sex might not be as common in reality as in the gay porn video scene, but it brings pleasure to almost everyone. This gay porn video certainly is going to satisfy the majority of potential viewers. I am rating it with 8 (eight) stars.

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