Massage Boy – How to get The Dick Down Now?

The dick is erected! How to get The Dick Down is the question. Cyrus Stark as a massage boy and DeAngelo Jackson in Hot House gay porn gem

The Dick Down scene - gay porn actor Cyrus Stark and DeAngelo Jackson - massage boy - escort - explicit scene - oral sex
From dick up to the dick down in easy steps

The Dick Down is a continuous gay porn saga by the Hot House studios. As far as my dick is concerned, they completely missed the mission. Every time I watch The Dick Down it keeps getting up and staying erect. I welcome the burning hot young gay bottom boy Cyrus Stark. It is his first appearance on this site. I promise it will not be the last. DeAngelo Jackson was a lucky dick. It is a hell of a dick by the way. Cyrus Stark, the gorgeous gay massage boy, has been on my mind every time I go to bed since watching this video. It would be best if you tried too. Let’s get into this review now!

gay massage boy and escort Cyrus Stark - gay porn actor
gay massage boy and escort Cyrus Stark - gay porn actor

Have you ever used the services of a gay massage boy(s)? I have. Is there any difference between a gay massage boy and a gay escort? I could not find a massage boy that would decline what is usually expected of an escort. What is your experience in that regard? Has the introduction of Grindr and similar platforms ruined gay massage boys and gay escort businesses? However, they are still around.

DeAngelo Jackson porn review

DeAngelo Jackson was born in 1985 and has been active in the professional gay porn scene since 2007. That makes him one of the veterans among gay porn actors. De Angelo Jackson participated in the production of 113 gay porn videos/photoshoots/compilations. He is a strictly gay top guy with an impressive dick.

Cyrus Stark porn review – Massage Boy

Cyrus Stark is the massage gay boy in this reincarnation of The Dick Down. I don’t know about you, but I would love to get him to massage all over my aging body. Also, I would be shocked if you would not. What is your type of a ga massage boy?

“The Dick Down” by Hot House, featuring Cyrus Stark and DeAngelo Jackson – The official description.

Cyrus Stark wants to help jock DeAngelo Jackson unwind with a deep tissue massage, but selfishly, he hopes to rub his hands all over the jock’s bulging muscles. With DeAngelo lying naked on his bed, Cyrus gets to servicing every inch of his body — even his stiff dick. Eager to relax DeAngelo even more, Cyrus amps up the massage by wrapping his lips around DeAngelo’s cock and sitting on his face. After riding DeAngelo’s tongue, the curious bottom goes for a ride on his rod.

DeAngelo then takes control of his happy ending as he claps his masseur’s cheeks before getting Cyrus on his back. Then, with Cyrus’ legs spread wide open, both bareback fuckers unload onto Cyrus’ body and leave him covered in cum.

Hot House Studio
Masseur and Escort gay Cyrus Stark - porn video - explicit scene
Masseur and Escort gay Cyrus Stark - porn video - explicit scene

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for “The Dick Down”

It was my genuine pleasure watching “The Dick Down”. In short, it is another well-produced gay porn video by Hot House Studio—all credit to both actors. Well, it deserved a rating of four and a half stars from me.

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