Under the Influencer – new -Devin, Zario & Evan

Who is the more prominent gay influencer out of Devin Franco, Zario Travezz and Evan Knoxx? Let’s find out in the latest gay porn review

Who are the most prominent gay and queer influencers today? There is no straight answer to that question. Thanks to the rise to prominence of the various social platforms on the Internet, the gay and queer population is reaching their audience more accessible than ever. The Internet removed the “middleman” between influencers and the general public. Diversity, equity and inclusion cannot be denied anymore! Evan Knoxx is our gay influencer today. That does not mean anyone can deny that Devin Franco and Zario Travezz are influencers too. However, let’s stick to the scenario for this video.

Who is your favourite gay or queer influencer? I should ask why not prominent gay porn actors are not considered to be some of the most influential people in the LGBTQ community? It is time to remove the stigma associated with the porn industry in general and the gay porn industry in particular. We can all contribute to that. However, that is a topic I will revisit some other time.

Devin Franco gay porn review

Devin Franco is undoubtedly one of the most prominent gay and queer influencers appearing on this site. With over 400 thousand Twitter followers, Devin Franco is one of the most popular gay and queer content creators.

gay porn review
gay porn review

Zario Travezz gay porn review

Zario Travezz is a relatively new face on this site. However, he has been in the gay porn industry since 2018. Zario Travezz participated in the production of 179 gay porn videos, photoshoots and compilations. He is versatile.

threesome gay porn
threesome gay porn

Evan Knoxx gay porn review

Evan Knoxx joined the gay porn industry in 2020 and was involved in the production of 51 porn videos, photoshoots and compilations. He is the influencer in this story. Evan Knoxx is not here the first time. What do you think about Evan?

queer porn revierw
queer porn review

Under The Influencer – Devin Franco, Zario Travezz and Evan Knoxx – The official description:

What’s better than makeup sex? A breakup threeway! Well, at least according to the newly single Evan Knoxx. Moments after getting dumped by his boyfriend, the horny influencer is already filming his next piece of content by dropping to his knees and blowing Devin Franco and Zario Travezz.

After throwing his legs back and presenting his new friends with a hole to the rim, Evan gets stuffed with a hard cock at both ends. Horny enough to bareback two hungry holes, Devin then has Zario stack his ass on Evan’s, so he can quickly drill both holes. A few more thrusts have the muscle top fucking the cum out of both Zario and Evan, with Devin pulling out shortly after to cover Evan in his hot load.

Falcon Studios
threesome - gay - explicit
Threesome - gay - explicit

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for “Under the Influencer”

Falcon Studios delivered another high-quality gay porn video. We are all expecting precisely that from them. Devin Franco, Zario Travezz and Evan Knox performed exceptionally well. I was glued to the screen from start to finish. There is only one rating possible for this video: five stars!

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