Gay fuckbuddies Kenzo Alvarez & Marco Bianchi

Kenzo Alvarez was the High School bully and Marco Bianchi was his regular victim. Is their random meeting on streets of Montreal turning into another nightmare for Marco?

Gay fuckbuddies could be found in many unexpected ways. Does Kenzo Alvarez look like a typical bully? He might be. Do you have any personal experience as a bully or as a victim? Why don’t you share it with us? Please use the Comments box. Many gay boys were victims of bullies in their school days. However, some bullies were (and still are) gay guys themselves. Relationships between bullies and their victims are often very complicated, and there are hidden reasons behind these relationships. Is there something secret and special behind Kenzo Alvarez and his bullying of Marco Bianchi in High School? Would a new gay fuck-buddy saga be possible? Let’s find out together!

Marco Bianchi is walking the streets of Montreal when he runs into a blast from the past, Kenzo Alvarez. Back in the day, this hunk of a man used to make his life a living hell. Marco knows he shouldn’t even give him the time of day. However, he still looks incredible and never loses the ability to make him melt inside. Against his better judgment, he decides to let Kenzo say what he has to say.

Kenzo Alvarez knows Marco has always been into him. Recently he has been wanting to explore his fantasies and gay sex. He was too repressed in High School and worried about looking cool in front of the guys. So, when Marco made a pass, he told everyone and made Marco’s school life difficult.

Gay bully and his new fuck buddy rather than victim

The past is the past, and it is his chance to apologise. Bygones are bygones, and it isn’t long before Marko’s mouth is wrapped around his old bully’s throbbing cock. Kenzo spreads Marco’s hairless cheeks and pushes his big cock into his waiting pink hole before pounding him. The slim bottom’s big twink cock bounces with every thrust, and he revels in the pleasure of his teenage fantasy before shooting a giant load all over his hairless chest. Kenzo keeps pounding his hole before shooting his load onto Marco.

Perhaps this is the start of a beautiful new gay fuck-friendship. What could be better than your bully turning into your gay fuck buddy?

Great video by The Bro Network team and stars Kenzo Alvarez and Marco Bianchi!

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