In Winter Skyy Riders – Skyy succumbs to Kenzo

In the latest Winter Skyy Riders, we watch Skyy Knox succumbs to his boyfriend’s Kenzo Alvarez sexual desires. The Winter gay saga continues

Welcome to Winter Skyy Riders series, produced and distributed by Falcon Studio and Raging Stallion studio, is bringing us more hot gay sex and good gay porn for long and cold winter nights. Do you watch gay porn more often during winter? Australian winter is not as cold as winter up north, but still, it is a better time for some hot gay porn watching. Nothing beats winter cuddle in a warm bed. Let’s watch Skyy Knox succumbs to his boyfriend’s Kenzo Alvarez sexual desires and demands. If you don’t mind, of course.


Winter Skyy Riders is a series of hot gay porn scenes in different videos. I am reviewing Scene No. 3, starring Skyy Knox and Kenzo Alvarez. This is ongoing production. So far, we have enjoyed watching some great gay porn actors. Gabriel Clark, Drew Dixon, Tayler Tash, Benjamin Blue and Tony D’Angelo also starred in the series. Iza Elle and Ralph North are directors behind the scenes. Executive Producer is Tim Valenti

Skyy Knox is a very successful gay porn actor. He is French Canadian, 5’11” (180 cm) tall and weighing 160 lbs (73 kg). Skyy has been part of the gay porn industry since 2016 and was nominated for numerous awards. In 2022 he won the HOTTEST BODY Grabby award. He is versatile but performs as a bottom more often.  

Kenzo Alvarez is Latino gay boy from Canada. His gay porn actor career started in 2017, and so far, he has appeared in over twenty productions by established gay porn studios. Kenzo is posting his gay porn content on OnlyFans and JustForFans platforms. Simply, gay sex is his pleasure and job.

Winter Skyy Riders – starring Sky Knox and Kenzo Alvarez – Falcon Studio and Raging Stallion Studio production – the official description

After a romantic night by the campfire, lovers Skyy Knox and Kenzo Alvarez head inside to take a steamy dip in their room’s hot tub. Already hard, Kenzo pulls down his swim shorts and begins to fill up Skyy’s gaping, gagging mouth. Skyy finally gets a second to breathe when Kenzo redirects his attention to the muscle hunk’s tight ass.

The intense bareback drilling from the ripped top causes waves to splash up against the men’s bodies as Skyy lets out some deep moans. Now laying over the side of the tub, Skyy takes his hand to his stiff cock and strokes out some hot ropes before going down to deepthroat his top’s dick and lick up every last drop of cum that spills out of it.

Solid production by experienced crew and professional support by well established gay porn studios. Nice video to watch during long winter evenings. All three scenes are commendable. Maybe you should add it to your gay porn video library. I would.

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