Gabe Bradshaw & Blonde Boy Drew Gay Boys at Camp

Gabe Bradshaw and blonde boy Drew are boys at Camp under control of Colton McKeon and Greg McKeon. Order of the fire was produced by Boys at Camp Studio and marketed together with SayUncle Studio

Gabe Bradshaw, Drew, Colton and Greg McKeon are stars in this hot gay porn video produced by Boys at Camp Studio. This video is marketed by Say Uncle Studio as well. This is another gay porn video inspired by boy-scouts theme. We all know that Boy-Scouts had some image problems in the past, deservedly or not. Let’s not go into that discussion though. What is the proportion of gay boys among Boy-Scouts? The answer is very logical. The proportion of gay boys among Boy-Scouts is equal to the proportion of gay boys in a general boy’s population. No more and no less.


Order of the Fire by Boys at Camp – the crew:

Gabe Bradshaw is one of the trending gay porn actors today. If you have taste similar to mine, then Gabe Bradshaw deserves to be on the very top of the list of hot gay porn actors. If you don’t agree, then please state your reasons in the comments box. That is if you dare! Gabe is a gay boy that made me question my theory about Asian gay bottom boys as the most attractive. It seems that Latino gay bottom boys are serious competition. Again, I would love to hear what your opinion on this topic is. Gabe joined gay porn industry only last year and took it by the storm.


Drew is complete mystery for me. This is not the only gay porn video he filmed with Boys at Camp Studio. However, in all sources available to me he is just mentioned as blonde gay bottom boy Drew. I would be delighted if anyone can provide more information of this skinny, blond and smooth beauty. I would love to be able to write more about him.

My partner was very similar to Drew when we met some (many) years ago. There was nothing making me so horny in those days as a blond gay boy. For now, we all know that he is charming, hot cock loving bottom and that his name is Drew. As we all know, that is more than enough for a good healthy erection and that is what gay porn is all about.

Colton and Greg McKeon are gay husbands. They both have a huge experience in gay porn industry.


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I am happy to put four and a half stars as my judgement of this video. Yes, I watched it together with my partner and we both loved it. No, we did not meet as Boy Scouts if that is what you think.

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