Virgin no More – Gay Retaliation with T. Harris

Gay boys’ retaliation – Virgin no more – Starring Trevor Harris, Dale Savage and Jack Bailey in Disruptive Films Video. The review

Gay boys’ retaliation is not the latest gay porn video by Disruptive Films studio. Virgin no more! However, it is my first review of any of their videos. I am willing to admit that my choice to start reviews of Disruptive Film’s gay adult videos with this one is that one of the actors in this video is Trevor Harris. I like watching that boy having sex. Do you?

Virgin is a magic word. In both heterosexual and homosexual worlds. I don’t understand why that is so. I am not sure why that word appears in the official description for this video. It is not essential. I just felt a need to comment.

Trevor Harris is, in every sense, my perfect gay bottom boy. He has that slim (almost skinny) built body that would feel so great in my arms… The perfectly naturally smooth body feels like silk when touching. Attitude is perfect. Trevor Harris has that critical level of femininity that makes an ideal gay bottom boy. Trevor Harris is a true queen and is so natural in it that I am speechless after watching him.

Jack Bailey is another young gay porn actor worth following. He has a similar physique and attitude to Trevor. Jack Bailey was born in 1997. He started his career in the gay porn industry in 2020 and worked with several gay porn studios. He is versatile, but 90% of his roles were as a bottom boy. I like his smile. What do you think about Jack?

Virgin no More: Retaliation – Starring Trevor Harris, Dale Savage and Jack Bailey by Disruptive Films Studio

Toby (Jack Bailey) has had enough of Uncle Carl’s (Dale Savage) bullshit. He consults his computer whiz roommate (Trevor Harris) to hack into Uncle Carl’s laptop and plant some incriminating items on the hard drive. When Toby and the roommate seduce Uncle Carl, Carl feels he’s won the lottery. Little does he know they are fucking up his life by planting evidence and swatting him.

Categories: Anal sex, Blowjob, Hardcore, Oral sex, Rimming, Threesome

Disruptive Films Studio produced quite a decent gay porn video. Their storyline of having one mature guy engaging in sex with two younger partners is pretty standard and is popular with the audience. The acting was also decent, and I cannot fault the quality of the overall project.

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