Phillipe Gaudin and Adam Archuleta BelAmi Boys

Phillipe Gaudin and Adam Archuleta hot fucking session brought to you by BelAmi® Gay Boys

Phillipe Gaudin is a regular gay porn performer for BelAmi® Studios. Young Phillipe is 5’9” tall and weighs 165 lbs. He has Brown hair and brown eyes. Phillipee is sporting an 8” cut cock, and his declared sexual position is versatile. In this project, Phillipe Gaudin is performing as a gay bottom boy. Most of his performance so far has been as a bottom, so I will conclude that is his preferred natural role. I would love to have him in my bed as a bottom boy. Would you?

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Adam Archuleta is another gay porn star in this video by BelAmi®  Studios. Adam is 5’7” (175 cm) tall and weighs 90 kg. Archuleta was born in Capricorn sign with brown hair and blue-green eyes. He is versatile. In this project, he plays top guy, and his 8.5” (19 cm) uncut and thick cock is at the centre stage of the video.

The storyline is simple. Two young gay boys are on their first date after meeting in the gay club the other day. They met in the town, shared a drink or two and decided to head to where one of them lives. The rest is history, as they say.

Cute young stud Phillipe Gaudin’s tight bubble butt was raw fucked by Adam Archuleta’s huge uncut dick.

Phillipe and Adam

This video is within the standards expected from studio as BelAmi®. Boys also fit into all BelAmi® standards. Young, smooth, boyish and beautiful. Sex scenes are performed very well by the boys and their appearance was natural. I suspect that they both enjoyed having sex in front of cameras. Quality of photography and video in general is also up to very high standards.

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So, if you like them young, smooth and fucking like rabbits – this video is for you. Go and grab it from BelAmi® site. Get your lube ready!

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