Is his Dick too big? Shane Cook & Luke Truong

Dick too big? Is that a blessing or a huge problem. Shane Cook and Luke Truong from NextDoorStudios® are about to answer that question

Dick, too big! Every top dream about that. How many times as a teenager did you measure your dick? Hundreds of times will be your answer if you are honest. Some people continue measuring their pride even long after their teenage years.

What is the definition of a dick that is too big? How much is that in centimetres? Or in inches, if you come from countries using imperial measurements. Is there any scientific rule that prescribes how to measure the length of your dick?

Who should be the one to make that judgement? Tops of bottoms? There are so many questions. And then, what about thickness? Are you a gay bottom boy? If you are a gay bottom boy, please advise the rest if you prefer the thicker or longer dick. Size queens need not apply – we all know you would take it all in every way possible and ask for more.

Did you know that the prostate is only two to three inches (around 75mm) deep? Did you know that 90% of sexual pleasure during anal sex comes from prostate massage? That means that every dick (or penis, as my word processor keeps insisting on) just above three inches long will do an excellent job.

Shane Cook is our lucky (or maybe not so) gay top that is sporting a monster cock. I am sure he had never complained about the size of his dick.

Luke Truong is the bottom willing to accommodate that dick that is too big. Not only that! He does it with a big smile and takes all pleasure in himself.

 NextDoorStudios®  produced better-than-average gay porn videos addressing this ever-present question. Is that dick too big?

Enjoy watching!

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