Anal Penetration Mastered by Franklin Acevedo

Anal penetration and Franklin Acevedo as someone who knows how to deliver it. To his credit, Saylor Jones knew how to take that big cock and enjoy it. Well done, Fuckermate®

Anal penetration is undoubtedly the very centrepiece of anal sex as the strongest desire of any gay guy.

Franklin Acevedo is strictly top. He is also a very well-equipped top with a rather large cock. You can question some things, but one is certain – he knows how to use it.

Saylor Jones, on the other side, is bottom. At least on this occasion. He performed very well in this gay porn production by Fuckermate®. He convinced me that he loved every inch of Acevedo’s cock. Let me know if you have the same feeling. Or if you did not have the same sense.

Deep Stuffing is the core of the story that Fuckermate® is presenting to us in this rather fine piece of gay porn starring Franklin Acevedo and Saylor Jones. It could be called some other names, but I am pretty happy with “Deep Stuffing”. Do you have any different suggestions? I would be very keen to learn what is your opinion or recommendation.

What is the storyline of “Deep Stuffing” starring Franklin Acevedo and Saylor Jones?

This week dominant Latin top Franklin Acevedo gives a rough bareback fuck to our young Russian-American mate Saylor Jones. Saylor gets almost shocked when he discovers the massive bulge Franklin hides inside his underwear. He doesn’t waste any second before kneeling and welcoming the monster dick into his mouth.

The long and passionate sucking session leads to even more challenging moments when our Venezuelan stallion goes all in and sticks his thick rod deep inside Jones’ hungry ass. The obedient young bottom happily takes all the inches of the hard meat but reaches complete satisfaction only after Franklin unleashes a thick creamy load all over his face!

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