Brian Jovovich fuck Brecken O’Brien exclusive!

Brian Jovovich – Belami boy, is showing his fucking skills and fat cock while fucking Brecken O’Brien

Brian Jovovich is one of many popular Belami boys. What do we know about him?

Brian comes to us from the North Moravian region. That would appear very similar to Pittsburgh, full of steel mills and factories to our American customers. Maybe this is why Brian likes to spend a lot of time outdoors in nature. One of his favourite pastimes is fishing.

Currently, he is a personal trainer and nutritionist. We find it quite funny to have a nutritionist who never eats any vegetables, only meat and rice…. However, the results are outstanding.

From a young age, he was always very well organised, reliable, calm and with a pleasant sense of humour.
We asked Luke what he had to add to this little biography, and his commentary was: He rarely drinks and never does drugs and is usually pretty silent, although whenever he does drink, there is a ‘house full of him’ whatever Luke means by this…

Brian Jovovich comes from the North Moravian region. It is part of the Czech Republic in Europe for those who are not sure where it is. The term “Czech boys” is well known in gay porn jargon stipulating blonde, slim and smooth boys who are always horny. Brian is one of them.

Brecken O’Brien makes an appearance for his first gay hardcore video. It seems that he is not a regular porn actor, though.

We first met Brecken last year with a solo appearance. He is definitely in our Flirting with Porn category, as today’s scene with Brian is his only hardcore material. We think it a shame that he did not want to carry on, as his good looks and great body would have ensured him a spot amongst the team’s regulars.

Brian Jovovich fucks Brecken O’Brien – BelAmi Boys exclusive

Let’s say that two handsome gay boys met in the town and decided to have some fun. The rest is history, as they say. Enjoy watching another great production by BelAmi and their gorgeous boys

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