Strictly Secret Gay Locker Room Confession

Let’s share strictly secret gay locker room confession by Benjamin King and Tony D’Angelo

Strictly secret gay locker room confession must surface one day or the other. Is it true that what happens in the gay locker room stays in the gay locker room? Am I not sure about that? What about you? Do you have any gay locker room confessions waiting to be disclosed? I am not ready to share any of my gay locker-room confessions. Not as yet. However, we can watch one together by Benjamin King and Tony D’Angelo. Disclosed only several days ago by BroNetwork.

What do you like about locker rooms? Apart from hot guys that undress there. Indeed, they do dress up sometimes there as well. How about that smell typical for locker rooms? There is one extra flavour in gay locker rooms not found in the straight ones. Can you guess what it is? Ok, I will help you – it is the smell of male sperm—lots of it. There is no better smell than that of mixed sperm and sweat.

Benjamin King and Tony D’Angelo gay locker room confession

After practice, Benjamin King retires to the locker room. There he is joined by football star Tony D’Angelo, fresh out of the showers. Tony isn’t shy, drying himself out in the open and chatting Ben up as he sits on the benches.

Ben has a reputation for being the fastest guy on the field, and Tony can’t let the opportunity pass him by to extoll the virtues of football. But Ben has reservations admitting that team sports aren’t his thing. Especially when tight pants are involved and might reveal more than bargained for. Tony’s advice is not to overthink things, that getting hard is natural, and that the team could put his talents to work.

Ben strokes Tony’s thigh. Tony massages Ben’s neck, loosening him up; his cock jumps and Ben reaches down and sucks his stiff shaft. Tony teases the muscular track star with his cock before slapping his ass and pounding him over the locker room bench. Ben climbs on top, and the football bro pounds him from below. These peak athletes put their power and flexibility to use, and Tony glands Ben cumming all over his face before Tony adds his hot cum on his chin.

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