Was Shae Reynolds slammed and sodomized?

Was Shae Reynolds slammed and sodomized by Sir Peter’s monster cock in front of Lucas Entertainment cameras?

Have you heard the latest rumours about Shae Reynolds being slammed and sodomized by that monster cock of Sir Peter? It all happened in front of switched-on Lucas Entertainment cameras. There are many photos and videos to prove it happened. I am going to share some of them here.

Regular visitors of this site certainly know who Sir Peter is. He was featured here before. And for all great reasons. Sir Peter is well known gay porn performer famous for his huge uncut cock. That is one of the thickest, if not the thickest, cocks ever shown on Lucas Entertainment. I would say that Sir Peter has one of the thickest cocks in the whole gay porn scene. You will know that for sure if you see it. And you will see it soon.

Not only is Sir Peter packing an incredible punch in his underwear, but he likes it when his bottom guys learn a lesson in submission.

Meet Sir Peter

Meet Shae Reynolds

Shae Reynolds has convinced himself that there’s no cock too big for him to service. But that was before he met Sir Peter, who has one of this biggest and fattest uncut cocks to ever be filmed by Lucas Entertainment. Not only is Sir Peter packing an incredible punch in his underwear, but he likes it when his bottom guys learn a lesson in submission.

Before he gives Shae Reynolds what he really wants—a hard and deep anal fucking—he leashes Shae as the bottom gets ready to give Sir Peter some oral service. Shae Reynolds is all too anxious to prove he’s a good boy and excited to serve the needs of Sir Peter, as his uncut cock is of godly proportions!

Shae Reynolds slammed and sodomized – The Proof

The meeting between Shae Reynolds and Sir Peter was quite an ordinary one. Shae is a cute gay bottom boy. He heard that Sir Peter has a giant uncut, and thick cock. However, Shae is a seasoned bottom. And very confident that his bottom can handle any cock under the sun.

Shae was stunned once Sir Peter took his underwear off and showed him his erect monster cock. The young bottom was still confident but also a bit reluctant. At this stage he did not feel as a potential victim of sodomization. Not yet anyway.

Shae started understanding what is to follow as he was feeling Sir Peter’s cock pulsing in his mouth. Sir Peter did not rush thing. However, will his spitting on Shae’s hole be enough lubrication? His heart started beating faster than Sir Peter’s cock pulsing in his mouth.

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Well, things started heating up, and there was no way back. Sir Peter was getting very horny. Young Shae realised that he would be slammed and sodomized very soon. He was handling it all well with mixed emotions. From being concerned about being banged by that monster cock to being excited to feel it deep inside his body.

Hey, Cameras are ON!

To cut long story short. The encounter went on for hours. Sir Peter demonstrated that his body can produce loads of sperm. He planted his seeds in a sore Shae’s hole, sprayed it over his face and pushed some down his throat. Shae has been sodomized and forced into submission.

Shae was lying in sweat, his face covered with Sir Peter’s dripping sperm and his hole numb and wide open. He was relieved. It is all over. All that pain was worth it!

“Hey, cameras are on,” said someone while passing by.

I have presented you with just a tiny bit of what the cameras recorded. The rest is just as hot and hotter. Follow the link below to check it out.

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