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The legendary BelAmi Club presenting young and beautiful gay-boys Hoyt Kogan and Frederick Perin

Hoyt Kogan and Frederick Perin are the stars of this review. Let’s start with a little announcement. From today onwards, I will review some BelAmi products on these pages. BelAmi gay boys club does not need any special presentation. Anyone who likes watching gay porn content has seen some of their products. They are probably one of the most popular gay porn sites today and for an extended period.

Hoyt Kogan

Name: Hoyt Kogan
Origin: Czech
Height: 187 cm / 6’2″
Weight: 80 kg / 176 lbs.
Dick-Size: L
Position: Versatile-Top
Orientation: Unknown

Hoyt Kogan and Frederick Perin - BelAmi Boys - gay porn review

Hoyt Kogan, the model. What a beautiful young stud! Not only does he have fashion model looks, he even works as one in New York today. From gay porn to the runway (see here).

But Hoyt didn’t always have these looks. When his career in gay porn started, he was much heavier with super short hair, looking more like a bouncer or hooligan. It was BelAmi boss George Duroy who insisted in Hoyt loosing some weight. And made him the star he is today.

After being discovered by William Higgins, he soon moved on to work as a free agent. He worked for numerous studios under as many different stage names as possible and even tried out straight porn. Who knows where he would be today if BelAmi hadn’t rescued him?

Frederick Perin

Unfortunately, I could not find much reliable information about Frederick Perin. He is originally from Slovakia. As far as I could see, Frederick is bottom. Or he prefers to assume that role when filming gay porn. I will try to keep an eye on him and maybe provide more information in the future. He is a typical European gay boy, and I am convinced we will see him in many more gay porn productions.

My impressions – Review

BelAmi is a very professional gay porn production machine, which is visible in this product. The story is not the central part of the attention. Boys are, after all, the main reason anyone would like to watch this video. We all have different tastes and preferences but show me how many of us don’t want them young and beautiful. Acting is on a high level. The quality of photos and video is top-notch. Some nice cum-shots. Young, slim and smooth bodies… uncut cocks… two boys from former Czechoslovakia – one from the Czech Republic and one from Slovakia. In short – I enjoyed watching this, and I think you would too.

Hoyt Kogan and Frederick Perin – BelAmi Boys
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