What was your best holiday fuck?

We all love holidays! Time to build good memories. Do you remember was, was your best holiday fuck?

How often do you remember your holiday fucks? I must admit having some very memorable holiday fucks that I remember often. What was your best holiday fuck? Please let me know in the comments box. Maybe we could organise a competition to choose the best of them all. Dean Young and Pol Prince definitely had one of those special moments. I think there is one more factor that makes holidays fucks so special. It must be a hot weather. I am constantly horny during summer. I guess that my cock is just as the rest of my body and feels much more comfortable in warm environment.

Our two gay boys had one of those typical holiday encounters that culminated in a hot sexual encounter—young, hot, horny and full of sperm ready to spray. Let’s follow their story!

Finding each other

Dean is a young gay guy living in a small Mediterranean town. Swimmer-built, dark-haired with bronze skin, he is undoubtedly attractive. Dean loves the holiday season because so many gay guys come to his village. Winters in small Mediterranean towns are dull. Most young people leave the city to go to school or university in some more prominent centres. Gay guys living in small towns are often closeted. In short, sexual life for everyone, but particularly for gay guys, grinds to a standstill.

Pol decided to spend part of his holidays in a small Mediterranean town this summer. That was a significant change as he used to go to places where he could party all day long during his holiday. This year was different. He is not sure why, but this was his choice. He enjoyed a quiet walk and a nice view without the big city noise. Pol is a cute blonde gay boy from the big city. He is openly gay but not of those who “advertise” it. Pol is an always-horny bottom gay boy, and after two days in the small town starts to worry about getting “the man” to pin him down in the bed.

Best things – including those in sex – happen when you don’t plan them. An accidental encounter resulted in potentially the best holiday fuck! Let’s look at some photos rather than just talking about them!

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