Sgt. Dick vs Privates Tristan and Ray desert fck

Privates Tristan Hunter and Ray King enjoying some privacy in the desert

Welcome to the latest edition of our Sgt. Dick gay sex adventures series. However, no gay sex in the army is between Sargents and Privates. Most desert fucking is happening between young and always horny privates. Privates Tristan Hunter and Ray King are just some of many US army privates enjoying hot sex with their peers. So, what is the story here?

Anyone who spent some time serving in the US army will tell you that sexual encounters between privates are ongoing. Are they all gay guys? Well, most of them are, but there are also young and horny opportunists that don’t like the idea of celibate at their young age. It is perfectly natural for young men to be horny numerous times every day and night. Their healthy bodies produce excessive amounts of hormones and sperm that need to be consumed. Self-satisfaction – aka jerking, aka wanking… – is very common and takes place in every corner that looks private enough.

Some of that occurs in the dark when young recruits play with stiff cocks in their beds. Some of them will inevitably get caught by their fellow recruits. Gay or not, jerking and achieving sexual satisfaction is always more pleasurable when done in pairs. Young straight recruits will probably go no further than playing with each other’s cock till they both ejaculate with pleasure.

Some straight recruits will probably go a bit further and try to get satisfaction by fucking their fellow recruits. I guess that is a level requiring some mutual testing till interests and roles are established. You should not doubt that sexual pleasure is much higher when your cock penetrates a tight and warm hole while you and your partner are cuddling and kissing each other than when it is done by your or someone else’s hand.

How often does a gay private enjoy sexual privacy with his fellow private?

How many gay privates are out there in the army? Nobody knows. As I said above, you don’t have to be gay to play with your and your fellow private cock till they explode. Our privates Tristan Hunter and Ray King are both gay. Somehow they figured that out and started making some naughty arrangements. What is their story?

At their outpost in the desert, Privates Tristan Hunter and Ray King find a secluded place where they can get some privacy. As the chemistry between these recruits heats up, Ray sinks to his knees and swallows Tristan’s cock to its base with ease. While Ray slurps on cock, Tristan reaches down and fingers Ray’s hole. Tristan returns the favour with a deep throating. It is followed by eating Ray’s ass to prepare it for what’s next.

Tristan doesn’t waste any time when he stands up and drives his meat into Ray’s ass bareback. After taking it from behind, Tristan lays down on the ground while Ray rides on top of him in multiple positions. The feverish cock-riding continues until Tristan takes complete control and stretches Ray’s hole out with deep, powerful strokes. Tristan can’t take it any longer and covers Ray with his cum. Now that Ray is soaked with cum, he licks up the last drops from Tristan’s cock as Tristan’s load leaks from his hole.

That would be their short story. Would you like to watch these two gay military private boys fucking together? Sure you can – CLICK HERE AND WATCH IT ALL HAPPNING!

For those who prefer to “try before you buy”, – here is a helping photo album

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