Gay Trade Show – New foursome flip-fuck-show

Gay Trade Show is a gay porn star show – Magnificent Four are Vincent O’Reilly, Grant Ducati, Kane Fox and Sean Xavier. Let’s review it now!

The Gay Trade Show project by Falcon Studios recently presented us with a new part. It seems to be getting better with every new stage. What a great crew they have engaged! Vincent O’Reilly, Grant Ducati, Kane Fox and Sean Xavier will flip-fuck just for us in a gay porn extravaganza! Get your positions and make sure there is enough lube.

Vincent O’Reilly porn

Vincent O’Reilly has appeared on this site twice before. However, the previous two appearances were with Lucas Entertainment. I am planning to find the source of more information about him and will link it to this or maybe some future article.

gay porn review
gay porn review

Grant Ducati porn

Grant Ducati is one of my favourite bottoms. Yes, I do know that he is versatile. Gay porn videos featuring Grant are prominent in my gay porn library. More information about this popular gay porn star and content creator is available on Gay News Portal.

gay show
gay show

Sean Xavier porn

Sean Xavier is making his debut on this site. I was impressed with his performance and promised to bring more information about him and his work. From now I hope to do many more gay porn video reviews featuring Sean Xavier.

gay porn video
gay porn video

Kane Fox porn

Kane Fox is making his third appearance on this site. He is a seasoned and well-known gay porn actor and content creator. The last time I checked, he was in a relationship with another famous gay porn actor – Trevor Harris.

trade show
trade show

Gay Trade Show – The official description

Assistant Kane Fox will do anything to make sure CEO Sean Xavier is satisfied. That is why, for this year’s Boss Appreciation Day, he’s enlisting the help of twinkly project coordinators Vincent O’Reilly and Grant Ducati to help drain Sean’s nine inches.

Getting right down to business, the men begin exchanging blowjobs with Kane, then becoming the first bottom of the afternoon as he opens his hole for some bareback cock. As Grant drills him, Sean gets a turn topping Vincent before taking charge of the foursome by rearranging his employees to maximise his pleasure.

All four versatile men constantly swap positions, each getting fucked and filled by some hot co-worker’s cock. Truly feeling the appreciation from his subordinates, Sean then takes centre stage of the foursome to be pounded, ridden and covered in cum.

Falcon Studios

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for “Trade Show” by Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios proved once again to be a producer of awesome gay porn videos/photoshoots and compilations. “Trade Show” is well presented, professionally executed and with the great crew performing excellently. This porn video, in my opinion, deserves the full five stars.

Gay Trade Show is a gay porn star show – Magnificent Four are Vincent O’Reilly, Grant Ducati, Kane Fox and Sean Xavier

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