New from Lucas – Charlie Cherry pounds Jerry

Charlie Cherry pounds Jerry Toriz in a new Lucas gay porn video. Here is the review

Lucas Entertainment published its latest gay porn video featuring Charlie Cherry and Jerry Toriz. The video title is very straightforward – Charlie Cherry pounds Jerry Toriz. Here is my review

Charlie porn photos for this video

Jerry porn photos for this video

Charlie Cherry pounds Jerry Toriz – The official description by Lucas Entertainment.

Charlie Cherry does have it all in the physicality department. He’s so drop-dead good-looking; his body is trimmed and sculpted, and his cock… his cock is a masterpiece if you like significant, fat, uncut works of art. And what self-respecting gay man does not?

Jerry Toriz, a newcomer to Lucas Entertainment, entirely agrees, and he’s thrilled at the chance to take on Charlie Cherry as a total top. He is a muscular and masculine-looking guy, precisely the type of man Charlie likes to make his bitch in the bedroom.

Jerry Toriz opens his mouth as wide as possible as he sucks on Charlie’s huge cock. And if you like to see an ass stretch around a big, fat uncut cock, watching Charlie Cherry fuck and breed Jerry Toriz will make your head explode—both of them!

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Lucas Entertainment managed to maintain its usual high level of quality. Charlie Cherry and Jerry Toriz performed very well. The two could be compatible in real life and not just in front of cameras. I have no hesitations about recommending this gay porn video. It will please you if you are either a dominant gay top guy or submissive gay bottom. In my opinion, this video deserves four and a half stars.

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