Cade Maddox fucks gay Cutie on Campus Special

Cade Maddox is horny! He is horny all the time. Today’s special is a video and photo story of how Cade Maddox fucks gay Cutie on Campus. Who is the cutie?

Cade Maddox porn production - gay sex with a cutie gay boy on the campus
Cade Maddox Cute on Campus

Cade Maddox porn is back on Gay_Links pages. That is not news anymore. Cade was very horny recently. He lives in the vicinity of a college campus. According to statistics, around 3-5 per cent of any college campus students are cute gay boys. Statistically, around half of them are gay bottom boys. According to my personal experience, a massive majority of them are cuties. The bottom line is Cade Maddox picked up a gay cutie on campus and fucked him. I am curious about this as Cade keeps all information about his gay bottom boy secret. Come on, Cade, share it with us!

Cade Maddox sex
Cade Maddox sex
Cade Maddox fucking cutie on campus
Cade Maddox nude
Cade Maddox sex - anal sex - fucking cutie gay student campus boy

The gay campus cutie proved to be a very willing gay bottom boy. Deep breathing followed every stroke by Cade Maddox penetrating a young campus gay boy. The expression on the face was signalling that Cade’s monster cock was making its presence a mixture of pain and pleasure. The gay campus cutie occasionally had too much of that giant cock. You could see him clinging firmly to Cade’s body in an attempt to reduce the depth of strokes. Cade was pretty rough with the campus gay cutie.

Cade Maddox gay sex - oral sex

Who is the cutie on campus? Cade Maddox did not provide any clues as to who that might be. Is it because it was Grindr pick-up? That could be. Several guys from Grindr came to my place and bottomed for me. Most of them never told me their names or asked me for mine. It is simply a one-off thing. Two horny gay guys get together and have sex. I ask for names only if we both feel that one-off thing might get something regular. How do you handle your Grindr pick-ups?

Cutie on Campus by Cade Maddox – The official description

The best part about living next to a college campus is the hot guys that occupy them. I was driving by on my way home and checked Grindr. A guy hit me up and told me to come by and find his ass up in the showers of his dorm.

Cade Maddox

My Ratings

Cade Maddox is as good as gold in this gay porn video. So is his partner “cutie on campus”. I am giving it four and a half stars


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