My Gay Fucker-Mate – Topped Hard

Fucker-Mate – Gay Porn by Tommy Dreams and Saylor Jones, directed by Oscar Mishima in the “Topped Hard” video

Fucker-Mate is my great gay mate for porn entertainment, second to none. What does almost every gay bottom want? Yes, you are right – to be topped hard. Tommy Dreams and Saylor Jones fuck hard, as directed by Oscar Mishima. Great gay porn video not to be missed.

Saylor Jones Fucker-Mate

There is not much information about Saylor Jones out in the open. Saylor Jones is an American Russian by nationality. He joined the gay porn industry in 2022 and was part of four gay porn projects. In three of these projects, Saylor performed for Fucker-Mate Studio. Without a doubt, Saylor Jones is a gay bottom boy. His pleasant and smooth, slim body will make any top very horny and willing to violate him with his cock. What is the perfect bottom in your mind? It will take you only a few seconds to respond to our survey. Please participate!

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Tommy Dreams

Tommy Dreams joined the gay porn industry in 2022 and appeared in eighteen gay porn videos relatively quickly. He is a gay top boy. Tommy Dreams appeared in all but one of these videos as a top. He is 5’8″ (173cm). Sounds like a gay sex pocket rocket to me. Tommy has a very curvy potent uncut cock and loves using it in front of the camera.

“Topped Hard” – Gay porn video by Oscar Mishima starring Tommy Dreams and Saylor Jones for Fucker Mate-Studio – The official description

How surprising it was Saylor Jones arrived home and found our French stallion Tommy Dreams, naked and horny, with his monster jock ready to be worked on by a skilled sucker! Saylor always gives his best when he has to cope with such huge cocks, and this time is no exception. He gets a go at the giant dick, gagging down every inch and gasping for air.

Rock-hard almost like never before, Tommy bends the American over on all fours and slips his tongue on that smooth hole while Saylor moans and begs for some raw bone. Tommy satisfies the nasty bottom and slams his thick cock deep inside, banging him out bareback like a beast with powerful thrusts! Getting hammered so brutally, Jones bursts and creams his torso with a big load. With Saylor covered in his milk, Tommy goes back face-fucking him till he busts all over the boy’s hungry mouth!

My Rating

Good gay porn video full of action.

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