Let’s watch Asher Day receive family dick now

Asher Day is about to demonstrate receiving family dick from Jax Phoenix in Family Dick and Say Uncle gay porn production. Let’s watch it now!

Asher Day is still a newbie in the gay porn industry. However, he is quite a popular and successful newbie. I am very proud to be someone who predicted his success quite some time ago in my article “New Dick on the Block – Asher Day”. At that time, I was the editor for this site and Gay News Portal. I am still an editor on both of these sites. Since my article about Asher Day was published here, I have changed the concept for both sites to avoid overlapping. It is a long story. However, I take some pride in spotting a young and beautiful gay boy named Asher Day.


The gay family genre of porn has a very loyal audience among the gay population. How frequent are gay sexual relationships within the family unit in its broadest definition? Nobody knows. I don’t have any personal experience when it comes to that. However, one of my ex-partners did have that experience. He had a crush on one of his cousins. According to him, nothing ever actually happened between them. Do you have any personal experience with gay relationships and sex within a family? If you have a story to tell, don’t hesitate.

Do Asher and Jax Phoenix have “A very different idea of fun” by Family Dick and Say Uncle studios?

Let’s get back to our young gay boy Asher Day and his participation in “A Very Different Idea of Fun” – a video story by the Family Dick and Say Uncle studios.

I am not going to tell you the story. I guess that would spoil your pleasure. No matter how predictable most gay porn videos and scenes are, there is always that particular pleasure when you watch it without knowing what is next. I will try to avoid telling you the story. Sometimes I might tell you my story for the video I am reviewing—some other time about that.

Asher Day so far performed in seventeen gay porn productions, and he was a bottom every time.

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