Diego Daniels, Ryder Owens and Ben Masters In…

Diego Daniels, Ryder Owens and Ben Masters in… gay THREESOME! Festive season is on, and it is time for some sex parties!

Diego Daniels, Ryder Owens, and Ben Masters are well-established gay porn actors, performers and stars. That is probably why NextDoorBuddies Studio engaged them to produce their latest video. I am not sure how often each of us gets involved in a threesome in real life. How often do you get a chance to do that? Share it with me, and I will share it with the rest of the world. Strictly confidential.

A threesome is one of the most popular gay fantasies. Gay tops dream about having it with two bottoms. All gay bottoms dream about having it with two tops. You greedy bums! Versatile gay boys dream about flipping and doubling their sexual pleasure. Everyone dreams about a threesome. Not many get it. Diego Daniels, Ryder Owens and Ben Masters just got it. In front of cameras. For the rest of us to watch it. To dream about it. To have a wank while watching it. Whatever.

The Actors

Diego Daniels is also known as Manny. We are talking about an experienced gay porn actor here. Diego is Latino gay boy. He is strongly built, 5’9″ (175 cm) tall, and weighs 160 lbs (73 kg). Diego has a hairy chest and a cut cock. He started his career in the gay porn industry in 2016. Diego is versatile, but at least 90% of his engagements are as a bottom boy.

Ryder Owens is the mysterious one out of these three. He is a total newbie here who started this year. So far, he is more of a top boy. I would appreciate it if those who know more about Ryder Owens shared it here.

Ben Masters is another well-known gay porn actor taking part in this project. He used to be a household name in CockyBoys in his career in the gay porn industry. Ben was born in 1996. He is 5’11” (180cm) tall, weighs 149 lbs (68 kg) and is versatile.

Hard Gameplay – The Storyline

Diego Daniels has fun with Ben Masters right under Ryder Owens’ nose while he’s distracted. Ryder almost catches them, but Diego hides under a blanket, having his dick poking out so Ben can continue to ride Diego while trying to keep Ryder oblivious. Ryder figures it out and joins the fun.

Gay threesome lovers – this video is for you. As simple as that. I will not win any awards but is well done, nevertheless.

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