Gay Surf Inspector and Sex after training

Gay Surf Instructor and his student’s secret sex affair – Brandon Anderson and Kyle Wyncrest

Gay surf instructor in your dreams. How many young (and old-ish) gay guys dream of being instructed (and more) by a gay surf instructor? I don’t have exact numbers, but I am sure we are talking about millions here. Did you ever dream about having sex with a gay surf instructor? Did you ever have sex with your gay surf instructor? Now, that would be a boiling story to tell. Let me know if you have a story like that.

Brandon Anderson and Kyle Wyncrest are stars of this gay porn video production by Next Door Buddies Studio. They are both young, smooth and with bodies built precisely how a typical surf inspector is expected to be.

Brandon Anderson is a cock hungry student. He is keen to learn how to surf. Brandon had a crush on his surf instructor immediately after they met for the first time. He hoped to get more than just surfing skills from his instructor. Will he be lucky?

Kyle Wyncrest is a handsome surf inspector. He is strong with a swimmer’s body and some tattoos. Kyle noticed that his new student is interested in more than just learning how to surf. That is a perfect match. Kyle is an always hotny gay surf inspector, top and dominant. It did not take much to get his student to visit his apartment after the lesson. The rest… Let’s have a look

“Surf Instructor” – starring Brandon Anderson and Kyle Wyncrest by Next Door Buddies Studio

Summer is starting here in Australia and in the Southern hemisphere. This is a perfect gay porn video for summer time. However, you can watch it during long and cold winter evenings and dream. Will get your erection going for sure. Yeah, those surfing days were so exciting. Do you remember them? I do.

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