Gay Soldiers – Cruze and Defendy on Active-Duty

Gay soldiers are gaining popularity! Recruits Jeremiah Cruze and Dereck Defendy are on Active-Duty Sir!

Active Duty is calling! Recruits Jeremiah Cruze and Derec Defendy are reporting, Sir! These two young and sexy recruits had no idea how lucky they were when sleeping arrangements were made in their barracks. It is not in the barracks. The choreography is pretty standard. That means that complete fucking is performed under a tent. Gay soldiers are used to fucking under tents. Have you ever fucked under a tent? Like a camping or something like that. Fucking under a tent is very cool. There is only one problem. You must make sure that your bottom can stay quiet even when you push your cock deep in. You know what I mean.


Do you like gay boys with tattoos? You will like our soldiers if you are into tattooed gay soldiers. I am not much into tattooed gay guys but I don’t mind if tattoos are covering reasonable part of the skin. Both our soldiers are nicely tattooed.

Any gay soldiers will tell you that having sex when on active duty is not a good idea. Not at all. However, once you are in your tent, gay sex is allowed as long as your partner is not moaning too loud.

Jeremiah Cruze and Dereck Defendy are versatile gay boys. That means you will be enjoying some flip severe fucking as well.

Our gay soldiers are, as all good American boys, cut.

Check out all our soldier in one place!

New Recruits Cruze and Defendi by Active-Duty Studio

Our recruits are young, smooth, tattooed with strong soldier style build and they love fucking each other. Do they do it every night in their tent? I am pretty sure they have enough energy left for that after their active duty is over and they are back to their tent, horny as fuck.

Join us Sir!

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