Gay Games – Bottoms – Winner gets it all

Gay Games are hot! Two great gay bottoms – Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati – Winner gets it all

Gay games are on! What happens when two gay bottoms get horny, but no gay top around? Our bottom boys beg for a cock, but there are no tops around. They are so horny that one of them will have to be top this time. Gay games are on, and the winner gets it all. Yes, he will get that precious cock. Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati special for Bottom Games is on now.

I must admit one thing to you. It is challenging for me to choose sides in these gay games battle between Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati. Why? I am really in love with both of them. They are among my favourite gay bottom boys of them all. How can you choose between two beautiful smooth bodies, slim built and young willing to please? The main difference is that one is tanned, and the other is rather pale. I don’t mind either. Do you? If you take a closer look, you will also notice that their assholes are similarly smooth and so sexy… Please tell me who would be your choice to take him to your bed. is where hot jock hunks compete for the fuck of it. These gay jocks compete not only for cash but to see who will get the top and who gets the bottom. The losers always suck it up and take it like men. Games have never been more fun, exciting, and with more at stake than ever before.

Porn star, Alfonso Osnaya, and his youthful good looks are fresh and seductive. It takes Alfonso little effort when he is luring a man into the bedroom before servicing his cock with his mouth and hole. Versatile but more bottom.

I liked this video by Bottom Games and Say_Uncle Studios. Let me know what your opinion was, please.

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