Cade Maddox is in Dirty Desert Doctors

Cade Maddox is undoubtedly one of my favourite gay porn actors and content creators. Let’s watch him perform in “Dirty Desert Doctors” with sexy Angel Rivera. Your erection can start NOW!

Cade Maddox! Do I need to say anything more for you to get the picture? From “daddy” to dirty doctor, he will perform well in any role in any gay porn video. The only constant things are his dominating role as a top and his vast and always hard cock. Look no further if you want to watch well-equipped top screwing his bottom boy with lust.



Is there something special in that doctor/patient roleplay? I think there is. How many of you remember days when you wanted to play that roleplay before you were even aware of your sexuality? These were the very first engagements with a sexual background. It was so secretive and special. We were touching other guys’ bodies, undressing secretly and exploring each other’s bodies. Then we grew up and tried to forget all those games and our first steps in recognising our sexuality. I would like to know if some of us still watch doctor/patient gay roleplays and videos secretly. Let me know what your experience is please.


Dirty Desert Doctors starring Cade Maddox and Angel Rivera

Dr Cade Maddox is ready to unwind from a busy day at the hospital. Lucky for him, boyfriend Angel Rivera is waiting at home with his cock out, ready to service his girthy doctor dick. Angel immediately drops to his knees and slurps Cade’s tool before leaning over and letting his doctor boyfriend chow down on his hole.

Ready to take the doctor’s bareback cock, Angel lowers himself onto Cade’s cock and swallows its girth. The two look each other in the eyes as Angel goes up and down, passionately riding his man. The grateful bottom is soon covering himself in his own long, wet ropes as Cade pulls out, busts all over Angel’s balls, and stuffs his cock back inside his lover’s used hole.

Angel Rivera played his role perfectly. He is a very sexy gay bottom boy.

It is all just as the doctor ordered for long, cold and wet evenings settling all over the Northern Hemisphere. It is just as good as watching here in Australia as summer slowly creeps in. Raging Stallion has produced another great gay porn video

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