How to Orgasm with Cade Maddox?

How can Cade Maddox massage your prostate to a full orgasm?

What is the definition of orgasm?

“Orgasm is a climax of sexual excitement characterised by feelings of pleasure centered in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation.”

Orgasm is the main (if not the only) reason for having anal sex. Unlike breeders, we don’t engage in sex to provide the continuation of species. Needless to say, both partners involved in anal sex are trying to achieve an orgasm. It is also that partners engaged in anal sex can achieve an orgasm in the same way – by stimulating their penises till climax is reached and resulting in ejaculation.

Let’s get deeper into achieving orgasm during anal (gay) sex. The Passive (bottom) partner’s penis is not directly engaged in the sexual act (penetration). The Active (top) partner uses his penis for anal penetration, and his penis is naturally stimulated during that act. That leaves us with a question: How will the passive (bottom) partner achieve his sexual climax? Well, there is more than just a straightforward answer to that question. Are you a gay bottom boy? If you are a bottom, please share with us how you achieve orgasm.

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I was considering surveying how many of you would like your prostate massaged by Cade Maddox. However, traffic limits on my server would probably be reached. Don’t you want his cock?

Cade Maddox Production – “Fit and Fucked”

What a hot meetup this one turned out to be. This muscle boy swallowed up my dick like a champ. He loved every second of it. I bred him deep and massaged his prostate to a full body-shaking orgasm. Wow, watching him spray his load all over his abs was incredibly hot. I sure can’t wait for you all to watch this one!

Cade Maddox

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