Gay Master/Slave with Raging Stallion

Gay Master Devin Franco has his way with slaves, Tristan Hunter and Liam Skye. Horny Raging Stallion in action

Gay master Devin Franco has a ball with two slaves. Tristan Hunter is getting double penetrated, and Liam Skye is receiving his portion of the master’s whip. If you are into gay master/slave fetish, you arrived at the correct address. Raging Stallion produced a great video in this genre again. They might be the best studio specialising in gay master/slave videos.

Sexual slavery in a BDSM context is a sexual fantasy and sexual roleplay. The slave master might be any person or group. However, most such relationships are usually either one dominant, o a committed dominant couple, with only one or more slaves. A slave, the owner, and others involved in the relationship could be of any gender, sexual identity, or orientation.

Those who take the superior position are called dominantsDoms (regardless of gender). Those who take the subordinate place are called submissive or subs. A switch is an individual who plays either role.


“Submit” – Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter and Liam Skye in Raging Stallion Studios production

Tristan Hunter is laid back with his arms bound. Liam Skye watches helplessly from a steel cage. Dominant Devin Franco is pacing the room with his riding crop, teasing both of his boys. After clamping Tristan’s nipples, Devin sees his sub get hard and slips Tristan’s jock down to tease his thick cock.

Devin Franco directs his attention to Liam and repeatedly uses his whip to strike his horny prisoner. After utilising several more devices of dominance on Liam, Devin opens the cage and lets Liam face-fuck Tristan, who is still bound. From each end, Liam and Devin bareback spit-roast Tristan with their cocks and thick dildos.

Entirely at their mercy, Tristan takes both cocks in both holes until Devin unleashes a thick load that covers Tristan’s crotch. Eager sub-Liam finishes by getting between Tristan’s legs and lapping up Devin’s load.

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