King Heart become victim of the office sex urge

King Heart is still in his office after business hours. He is not alone in that building! Let’s watch him becoming victim of his office gay sex urge with Jack Kross

King Heart is still in his office, working hard. He is overworked and in need of some breaks. However, it does not stop him from getting an erection. I suppose it is normal for young cocks to get hard quickly. Any young gay man thinks about sex more than anything else at that age. King Heart is a young gay bottom boy. Do we know who gets more sexual urges – bottoms or tops? Does it matter?

What does the young guy do when his sex urge goes over all limits, and his cock is hard and throbbing for some action? There is nobody around in the office block. At least, that is what a young King Heart believes. He rolls his chair away from the desk, pulls his pants down and starts stroking his cock. A rather large ejaculation would be more than welcome relief after a long busy day in the office.

One thing about stroking your cock in a public place is you get all your senses scanning for uninvited observers. Even if you think that nobody else is around. King Heart was stroking his cock when he suddenly heard noises from the corridor. He quickly pulled his pants back on and went to the passage to see the source of the noises. Over there he saw Jack Kross in his construction worker uniform. It turned out that Jack Kross stayed behind to finish some construction work in the block next to the offices.

King Heart is being fucked in his office by construction worker named Jack Kross

Two young guys looked at each other, and both noticed that the other was unsuccessfully hiding his bulge. Could it be that both are gay? How do you know? Well, as you probably know, eye contact is the first thing. Both were responsive. What is the next thing? Both went and started rubbing their cocks… Mission accomplished. The other side is responsive. Let’s hope that preferences are compatible…

King Heart and Jack Kross performed well in this gay porn classic story. I enjoyed watching this video. You would too. Another good production by Masqulin and TheBroNetwork.

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