Soldier Jonathan Tylor was fucked by Drake Von

Jonathan Tylor is very cute gay soldier serving together with Dreke Von. How Drake Von fucked Jonathan Tylor?

Jonathan Tylor is still a new soldier and is getting used to his new environment and mates. He is a bit excited before going to his first camping with his unit. At the end of the first day, soldiers are placed in pairs that will share the same tent. Soldier Jonathan Tylor will share the tent with another young guy named Drake Von. They had seen each other in the barracks, but that was it. Next several nights, they will sleep together in the same tent and get to know each other better.

Do you like the military “fetish” that is relatively common in gay porn? I am not sure if that is a gay fetish, but I am sure it is some genre within gay pornography. I like it! Probably because the actors are young. That is how I like them. Please let me know what your preferred gay porn genre would be.

Jonathan Tylor is a blonde beauty and self-described “twink bottom with a big ASS.” Drake Von can smell that smooth musky taint of his… and knows his hard cock would love the feel of this young pup’s sweet tight hole. Drake Von is “straight” but does now mind poking his cock into another soldier’s ass. He would not admit even being bisexual, though. He liked the look and smell of his new mate. Is Jonathan Tylor gay? Is the only question that needs to be answered?

On Active Duty – Drake gives it to Jonathan

Drake was cautious and did not make any moves towards his new mate Jonathan Tylor. He just observed him. It became clear that Jonathan was showing some interest towards Drake and was trying to hide it. Their second night under the tent started quietly, but after they made their second eye contact, Drake decided that Jonathan was gay or at least willing to engage in sex. Drake made a move and Jonathan followed willingly. The rest is recorded on this production by Active Duty studios.

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