How Gay – Get Funk’d around Swimming Pool

Gay way to get Funk’d in the Hot House in Palm Springs. Gay guys love fucking around swimming pool

Get Funk’d added another scene to their series by Hot House Studio. It is showing Evan Knoxx fucking (or funking) Isaac Parker. And boy, they fuck around the swimming pool and more. I would love to get a chance to get to that hot house in Palm Springs for a holiday. Isaac Parker would be a perfect bottom for me. What do you think about that proposition? Have you ever fucked around a swimming pool?

Isaac Parker - nude
Evan Knoxx naked

What would you do if I send you invitation to watch Evan Knoxx fucking Isaac Parker? I would accept it. Yes, even if that means watching this video one more time. I like to storyline, good quality photography and very good performance by both actors. Just the way I like them.

Get Funk’d with Evan Knoxx and Isaac Parker

While lounging around a lavish Palm Springs pool with Evan Knoxx, Isaac Parker finds himself too distracted by Evan’s eye-catching bulge to enjoy the relaxing summer day. Without thinking, Isaac gives into his urges by grabbing Evan’s hard cock and taking him inside to go down on his impressive dick.

Evan reciprocates the oral favour by rimming his pool buddy’s hole before filling him up and fucking him on the bed. With his tan-lined ass on full display, Evan thrusts his handsome dick into Isaac and fills the bedroom with the sound of their bodies clapping against each other. Ready to cum, Evan then pulls out of Isaac’s used hole to nut perfectly in sync with his comfortable bottom.

My experience is a bit different when it comes to fucking around swimming pool. Some years ago I stayed in a hotel in Bangkok. I did not try to hide my erection bulging my swimwear but the bottom guy next to me did not grab my cock. Probably because we were not alone there. However, he pushed his swimmers a bit down showing untanned part of his bottom. I got up, adjusted my cock, looked straight to his eyes and walked away slowly. He got the message and followed me to my room. You can imagine the rest.

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