Best of Masyn Thorne: Come and Fuck me now

Compilation of Masyn Thorne videos serves as an invitation by this handsome gay boy. Can you hear his call: Come and fuck me now?

Masyn Thorne got his start in gay porn at the tender age of 18. This bro had a peaceful upbringing riding bikes in the sunshine and making appearances in TV commercials. Now he’s getting fucked like a beast for multiple gay porn studios, including Fraternity X, College Dudes, Naked Sword, Broke Straight Boys, Gay Room, Hot House, Falcon Studios, and several more.

Before getting into porn, he hesitated about coming out of the closet. He lived in a conservative town as a teen. But he wasted no time- one day, he decided to come out…then literally one week later, he got into porn. He’s been in porn for two years and has no plans to stop anytime soon!

Masyn opens up on his biggest turn-ons, his most treasured porn memories, his plans in porn (possibly a bisexual orgy?), and lots more!

You got into porn at 18! Was it something you had wanted to do for a while?

Actually, I had never even thought about it until about one month prior to starting porn. I was working at a gym, and I was making around nine dollars an hour. Also, I really needed extra money and I really didn’t want to work a 9-to-5 anymore at 18. I had been working since high school and I didn’t really plan on going to college. So, I really wanted to branch out and do something fun and different that no one else I knew I had done before.

You came out just one week before getting into porn. What made you go from “I’m gay” to “I’m a porn star!”? That must’ve been quite a transition, yes?

Well, I always knew I was gay, but I was just trying to hide it since I was living in conservative Northern Georgia. And finally, when I did come out, I said, ‘Well, shit is going to hit the fan either way- might as well make a big mess now and clean it up quickly then string it out and have to deal with it later.’ I knew that I always wanted to do something crazy and fun and out of the box, and show people from my small town that traveling and porn and partying and everything that people aren’t used to can be a fun experience if you do it safely and correctly.

Masyn Thorne - gay porn actor

What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?

My ultimate sexual fantasy is to gangbang a girl with some bros! And then maybe even get gangbanged myself by them after…

Favorite spot for your guy to cum?

My mouth!

Masyn Thorne’ Favorite positions?

I love missionary and riding! But when I’m topping, I like to fuck doggy style.

Masyn Thorne Compilation

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Masyn Thorne is very hot and fuckable in all scenes, but I like him bottoming for Cade Maddox. Great video.

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