Devin Franco and Lucca Mazzi – Dirty Doctors

Devin Franco and Lucca Mazzi playing a gay game called Dirty Desert Doctors in HotHouse – Raging Stallion production

Devin Franco is one of those classic gay porn stars. His latest engagement is with Lucca Mazzi in the HotHouse production “Dirty Desert Doctors”. Don’t you think Devin Franco is also one of the busiest gay porn stars today? Based on that, there is only one conclusion: he is very popular. Most of the time, he plays the role of a bottom boy. He is also prominent in the fisting scene. In this particular project, Davin Franco is versatile.

Devin Franco is gay porn actor - nude photo showing his erect penis
Lucca Mazzi - gay porn actor

Gay doctors games and videos based on that theme are an ancient genre to call that name. Did you play doctors and patients when you were a youngster? It is popular among the pre-teen population. Is that more popular among straight boys (or those who will be heterosexual once they grow up), or is it more something potential gay boys like playing? I would love to get an accurate answer to that question. What do you think?

“Dirty Desert Doctors” – the short story

Devin Franco just got his vaccination and has to wait 15 minutes until he’s allowed to leave. To his surprise, Dr Lucca Mazzi is entirely free and can give him a full-body examination while he waits. With Devin’s pants down and ass out, the doctor rims his patient’s furry hole in the middle of the outdoor vaccination site.

The doc then tests Devin’s gag reflex by making him swallow every inch of his hard tool before flipping him over to bareback his hole. Wanting to make sure Devin’s dick works just as well as he does, Dr Mazzi bends over and gives the freshly vaccinated Devin a turn to rim his hairy hole. Devin is soon busting a thick nut all over the doctor’s round cheeks and watching the doc stroke himself until his thick meat syringe shoots out its load.

I recommend this video to everyone who has always wanted to play (gay) doctors. If you are into masculine guys, you will like both actors’ appearances. Happy wanking!

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