How my Gay Uncle doctor sodomized me?

My Gay Uncle is a doctor. He sodomised me when I was a teenager. Family Creep Project Review

My gay uncle is a doctor. I am probably the only one in our family that knows that. He was always a great uncle to me. There was always a good vibe between us since I remember. I always enjoyed his company and was very comfortable with him being around. I was a goofy boy as a teenager. A bit shy and even more confused. The most significant confusion was about my sexuality.

I guess that all teenagers experiment with their sexuality. I was one of these experimenting. When did you start wanking? I started early. My little uncut cock had been getting hard frequently since I was twelve. I cannot remember exactly, but I started producing sperm before I was thirteen. From that point on, I was wanking at least once a day.

Gay uncle is doctor and has big cock
I am sucking my gay uncle cock

Family Creep

What (or who) do you think about when wanking? I was always thinking about some boys from school. Was I gay? I was not sure about that. During my bed experimenting, I also discovered that special extra great feeling if I pushed my finger in my anus. In the early stages, it was just enough to touch my asshole with my finger, and my cock would erupt with an enormous ejaculation. I was sure there was a connection there. After a little while, I needed to push my finger deeper to get that sensation. I needed something more profound in my asshole to get that great sensation.

A dildo was an obvious option for my needs. However, being under eighteen meant I could not go to the local sex shop and buy a dildo. I had to come up with something, though. One day I realised that the handle side of my dad’s screwdriver could do a great job. It was a bit thicker than my finger but not too thick. However, it was much firmer, and I had to be careful. Worse of all, several times, it came out of my asshole dirty. I solved that problem by stealing my dad’s condoms and using them to cover screwdriver’s handle.

My Gay Uncle Doctor to the rescue

Ahem, condoms were much bigger than that screwdriver’s handle. I used to hold the condom firmly while I was stroking. In all excitement, I let it go one day, and the condom got stuck in my asshole. I was in a panic. Every attempt to pull the condom out of my asshole was unsuccessful. What can I do? I needed to see a doctor! What can I tell him? I was lucky that my gay uncle was a doctor, so I went to see him. After that little affair, I knew my uncle was gay, and I was sure I was too.

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