Do you want to fantasise with the French Twinks?

One of the big winners at the 2022 Grabby Awards Europe was French Twinks, picking up the trophy for Best Original Web Content

Who are French Twinks and who is behind their success? We caught up with Antoine Lebel, the man behind French Twinks, for a behind-the-scenes look at our online fantasies.

There is certainly plenty to fantasise about. They are all young, smooth, slim… Each of them is sporting a nice uncut cock. As expected from European gay boys. They are beautiful bottoms and enjoy cock during deep penetration of their bodies. Their skin is so pale that you might even think they could be German gay twinks. Please make no mistake, though; they are French.

French Twinks was established in 2013. Why was the genre of French+Twink the one that you decided to focus on?

I’m a big fan of twinks myself, and I’m more comfortable in this world than with bears, for example.

After a stay in the United States — where I made my first steps into gay porn production — I discovered that the twink niche was significantly developed and appreciated on the other side of the Atlantic but that it wasn’t something that was being explored in France.

How do you cast your models?

Today, most new models are boys who know our studio and apply directly to us on the site. Initially, it wasn’t easy to find actors before having a reputation. I used dating sites and Facebook. For example, I met Theo Ford on PlanetRomeo.

Our casting is very selective, and it’s always quite challenging to find boys who match our criteria and can embrace being a porn actor.  Something that is still quite awkward with models in France.

The age range for your models is 18–25. How strict are you that they are under 25? Do you make exceptions for performers who still look the part but might be over 25?

Depending on the scenarios we’re filming, and to offer some variety to our members, we sometimes use older and more manly models. For example, our Slutty High School Boys series was a big success, exploring teacher-student relationships.


The models that start and grow with us will always have a place.

Are all of your models French?

Yes — except for guest stars we collaborate with, such as Blake Mitchell, Luke Allen, or Andy Taylor, who are American.

We’re thinking of inviting more foreign models to mix with our little Frenchies.


Why do you think young French boys fuel the fantasies of a lot of gay men?

The French Kiss and the romantic and sensual side of France are things known worldwide. I think we mostly offer an alternative to the usual twink porn that’s mostly from America or Eastern Europe.

Do you get much feedback or engagement from your audience?

We have very committed and loyal fans. They’ve created a fan group on Facebook, and we receive many comments and encouragements daily.

This feedback helps to keep me motivated to try to surprise our members and to improve our productions constantly.

French Twinks is a studio with a family spirit, a unique universe, humour, behind-the-scenes access, and exclusive actors who enjoy what they do. That’s one of our strengths . We don’t have gay-for-pay guys in our productions.

Are you ever tempted to expand your content beyond focusing on French Twinks?

I have a lot of projects on the drawing board, but for now I have to focus only on French Twinks to grow enough and then be able to finance other projects.

Who are some of your porn heroes or inspirations?

I’ve always loved Helix Studios. I’ve had the opportunity to meet their team and actors and collaborate with them — I like their spirit. Keith Miller, the owner of Helix, along with Jean-Daniel Cadinot, are the ones who made me want to get into this industry.

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