Locked up. What is the gay life in prison?

What is it like being gay and locked up in prison?

Is being gay and locked up in prison different from being straight in a similar situation? The gay community is just another part of the general community. Like their straight counterparts, gay guys sometimes break the law and end up in prison. As we all know, prisoners are deprived of things we all take for granted, like sex. This is not necessarily true for gay guys who get locked up. For some guys, this might even sound like a great opportunity! Is it?

While statistics about criminal justice and LGBT people, in general, are lacking, we know that some groups of LGBT people are disproportionately likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system. Particularly LGBT youth and transgender people often get locked up.

A history of bias, abuse, and profiling toward LGBT people by law enforcement has contributed to disproportionate contact with the justice system.

Moreover, while people may end up in jail or prison for many reasons, poor people are more likely to end up behind bars, and LGBT people are disproportionately poor.

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Well, it is not great fun looking at statistics regarding gay people being locked up. Just as in every other situation in life, different people cope with it differently. One of the essential life skills is turning every situation into an opportunity. Optimism is much healthier than pessimism. And much more fun too.

“Locked up” production by TheBroNetwork.com, Masqulin.com

Miguel Exotic anxiously awaits his day in court and hopes to be reunited with his babe on the outside any day now. When Miguel gets assigned a new prison cellmate by the department of corrections, he keeps his head down and doesn’t play into Jordan Lake’s games.

While Miguel is on his way out, Jordan will be locked up for a while and is making the best of a bad situation. Time flies when you’re having fun! Jordan seldom finds himself with such a handsome cellmate. When Miguel gets a letter stating he has three more years in lockup, he goes ballistic.

Lucky for him, he conveniently has a ready and willing gay boy to help him relieve his frustration. Sexually frustrated and curious, he gives into temptation and rails the little twink in his jail cell, just as he’s been asking for it.

Actors: Jordan Lake and Miguel Exotic


Video has been produced professionally. The acting is quite decent. I would personally enjoy being locked up with young Migues Exotic. Gay boys like him must have a lot of fun when being locked up. In short, if you like rough but not too rough, this video will deliver pleasure. Erection followed by ejaculation is a very likely outcome.

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