Is there any limits on gay fetish? No Limits!

Are you into Gay Fetish? Are there any limits to it? Let’s find out by watching “No Limits” by Fetish Force and Raging Stallion

I admit that I am not a great admirer of gay porn covering a particular fetish. By saying that, I am pointing to BDSM videos. I am not into flogging and boots fetishes either. However, I like hot gay guys in jock straps. They make me horny. Another reason I took this video for review is Devin Franco. I like Devin Franco and can watch any of his videos. His partner, Casey Everett, is very hot too. He is getting on my ever-growing list of gay porn stars to follow. Who is your favourite gay porn star?

Gay fetish is often taboo even to large chunks of a queer community. I was one of those who instead ignored it in the past. Maybe I did not ignore it but instead distanced myself from it. However, I changed my attitude towards gay fetish over time. That is how this was one of the first queer fetish videos I watched in my whole life. Simply I just thought it was not something I would be interested in. I am glad I watched this video.

I prefer smooth guys, but Casey Everett’s outfit appeared to be attractive to me even though he is moderately hairy. Also, I appreciate his modest display of tasty taboos without overdoing skin coverage with that type of art. Do you prefer smooth or hairy guys? Please share your preference with the rest of us! Devin Franco has some traces of hair on his chest that is hardly visible. His hole is so beautifully smooth. I wish to have him for a bottom at least once.

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Admire Devin Franco’s body and nice cock

“No Limits” – Gay Fetish production by Fetish Force

Ripped slave Casey Everett is leashed up and, on all fours, cleaning Master Devin Franco’s boots with his tongue. When Devin feels his slave has spit-shined his boots to his satisfaction, he bends the stud over and is generous enough to let him pick what pleasure tool is used on him next. Casey nervously asks for the flogger, and Devin gets to work whipping his slave.

Starting from the back, Devin flogs Casey’s ass and back before spinning him around and lashing his hard dick. When Devin feels Casey has earned it, he lays down the flogger and falls to his knees to swallow Casey’s throbbing member. After teasing and edging Casey, Devin slaps his slave’s balls, and Casey begs to cum. Now that he’s earned it, Devin strokes Casey’s cock until he unloads. Casey’s duties aren’t over yet! He’s put back on his knees to suck Devin’s cock until his throat is bred with Devin’s spunk.

Actors: Devin Franco and Casey Everett

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