Flip-Fuck – Hot Gay Give and Take Session

Do you like some flip-fuck? When both gay guys are versatile then the flip-fuck is the way to go! Let’s watch Michael Boston and Beau Butler flip-fuck

Do you practice flip-fuck? I don’t. Simply because I am a top only. It would be interesting to find out how many gay guys do flip-fuck? Is that more common for a quick hookup or among gay couples with settled relationship? Maybe we should have a survey about it?

Review of the flip-fuck video Give and Take by Falcon Studios

A gay couple is living in the same building as I am. They had that classic top/bottom structure for some time but then tried flip-fuck and now practice it. Not every time, but they do from time to time. That is how I got this video from Falcon Studios for this review. It was not my type of entertainment. However, I enjoyed watching it. Not that I would be inclined to try flip-fuck. However, some of you might.

I think there is one good thing about reviewing gay porn, apart from sexual pleasure, that is. It is that telling others that the video’s story does not spoil their fun. Porn is not about the story. It is just about fucking. More of it – better.

Review of the flip-fuck video Give and Take by Falcon Studios
Review of the flip-fuck video Give and Take by Falcon Studios

Give and Take by Falcon Studios – The Storyline

A naked Michael Boston is ready to cuddle the day away and relax while watching movies. However, BFF Beau Butler has some other plans.

As the opening credits roll, Beau can’t keep his meaty hands off his man’s pumped body and decides to ditch the popcorn instead of chowing down on Michael’s juicy bubble butt. He fills his best friend’s hole with his eager tongue and fingers before sliding into his raw cock.

Beau thrusts himself into Michael in the middle of his living room until Michael turns this afternoon delight into a flip-fuck. With the sun’s bright rays peeking in to cover their naked bodies, Beau lays down to open his thick thighs as Michael bareback his furry ass. Hungry for more holes, Beau resumes topping until both of these versatile men are covering Michael in warm nut and holding each other in a deep embrace.

This video is for you if you are into hairy guys with big cocks covered with foreskin. Also, if watching it with a suitable partner, you might try flip-fuck. In any case, I hope you will enjoy it.

Actors: Michael Boston and Beau Butler.

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