How to measure Inseam – The Queer Way

Do you know what is the “Inseam”? I did not know till today! Insanely strange name for a gay porn video

For those too lazy to go and google “inseam” – here is what it is: Inseam is the length starting from the pubic bone and reaching out to the ankle. Well, this is another proof that browsing through gay porn can improve your English. It is certainly for me.

Now that my English lesson is finished, I can go back to reviewing this recent production by Raging Stallion.

First, meet Jack. He is your typical late teens’ boy that just started working in one of the best hotels in the town. Jack (Bailey) is one of those skinny teenage boys with white skin rarely exposed to the sun. I must admit to liking that type. Jack would pass as a great bottom boy in any of my tests. I am confident that would apply to most of the gay tops. Our Jack worked in the room service and was called to a room where Chris (Damned) was the guest. Jack was told to take everything required for polishing shoes with him.

Chris Damned - gay porn actor - nude photo with his erect penis

Chris Damned is a young businessman in town for several meetings during the day. Chris will be your type if you like top guys with solid bodies and numerous tattoos. He is a hairy lad and, as most Alpha tops, does not shave his pubic hair. It is required to hide his huge cock. His pubic hair extends all over his balls and beyond.

Shoes polishing turned hot – I did not see anyone taking measure of inseam though

As Jack is buffing Chris’ shoes, he can’t help but eye the increasing bulge growing in Chris’ pants. He looked up and got an encouraging node. Jack is not a very experienced gay boy, but he knows when the other guy wants to be serviced. Without a word, Jack glances up at Chris and reaches for the cock in his face. Chris nods and unzips his trousers to reveal his uncut cock for Jack. He quickly switches from polishing the groom’s shoes to polishing Chris’ erect penis while Chris works on shedding the rest of his suit.

After shining his cock, Jack bends over to let Chris shine his hole with deep rimming. Now that he’s lubed up and ready to go, Chris bends Jack over a chair and works his pole deep into Jack’s ass bareback. Since it’s all about servicing the customer, Jack lays back and lets Chris pummel his hole until Chris shoots a thick load over Jack’s torso and sticks his cock back in the young, handsome stud. Covered in Chris’ cum and stuffed with his cock, Jack rubs his cock until his shiny load is pooled on his stomach.

I hope that my effort to present the narrative to you worked. Just in case, have a look at some photos. However, the best I can advise you is to get this video. It is worth your attention. It will not be nominated for Oscars but is professionally done by the whole team. Jack would be more than welcome to polish my shoes if we ever meet.

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