Watching Boy Lust 3 by Men at Play

If you are a gay Alfa top, then lust for your boy aide is inevitable regardless of work ethics

Let’s watch Boy Lust 3 together. What is it about?

Businesspeople are often overloaded with various tasks. One of the best ways to deal with that issue is to get a junior aide. Young professionals dreaming about making it big in today’s business world need a mentor to guide them through the rough waters of business. The best junior aides will take care of more than just paperwork or legal office assistance. Many junior aides need broader mentoring than deal-making skills.

Just as with everything else in life, this relationship between a business mentor and his young junior aide depends on many factors. Indeed, some ethical rules should be followed. However, there are exceptions. Interaction between two human beings is best determined by two of them finding the solution bringing mutual benefits and satisfaction.

I am convinced – TAKE ME TO THE TRAILER of BOY LUST 3

How do you select your junior aide if you are a gay man who is a high-flying businessman? I have never seen a job advert asking for a cute, young gay bottom boy as a junior aide. Neither do I think you have seen anything of that sort, either. I will also have to disappoint those that believe there is some direct questioning or having sexual intercourse as a part of a job interview. The Dos and don’ts of a job interview are stringent and transparent. You can try to lead questioning and conversation in the desired direction, but the chance is that straight answers will not happen.

Control your Boy Lust and hope for the best

Our businessman Manuel Skye is your typical gay alfa top. Confident, relaxed and energetic male that knows what he wants and usually gets it. His business success means he is getting increasingly busy and needs someone to help around the office. Manuel decides to employ a junior aide for that purpose. Someone who is also showing some talent for business as well.

Young Edward Terrant was one of several candidates for the position. His look and manners were exactly what Manuel used to appreciate in other men. Edward appeared as an excellent potential business trainee. Manuel did not plan to get anything more than a junior aide, but it all started looking like a perfect storm. A combination of business and pleasure would be a huge bonus. Manuel could not be sure about that, but his gut feeling was that Edward would exceed expectations. It will be tested soon.

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Boy Lust is out of control

Manuel Skye and his close young aide, Edward Terrant, fly into the city for a meeting.

When Manual lands the contract, he invites his junior aide, Edward, to his hotel room to go over some notes for tomorrow. Edward has a weakness for handsome, successful men and deep sexual desires for the muscular daddy and boss Manuel but has remained professional despite his passion.

Manuel is ready to loosen up in the hotel room. His lust for his boy aide can no longer be controlled anymore. Engaging in any personal relationship with a staffer is improper, but this is MENatPLAY, so don’t expect any ethics complaints!

Believe it or not, I reviewed this hot gay porn production in my office earlier today. You can bet your bottom that my cock was erect from A to Z of this production. The acting was fine despite several moments when one of the actors was looking at the camera instead of looking through it. However, we are not discussing the products that will go through Oscar nominations. The story is exciting and engaging. The quality of the picture is excellent, as you would expect these days. I will recommend this without any hesitation.

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